So as time progresses, I'm getting closer and closer to starting my first build. My tuners just got delivered today, so I guess I'll probably start on the head of it first off.

I'd like to do an angled headstock, but I'm not sure what the best angle for it is, any tips, suggestions etc..? 

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Hi, see Rick's or my posts on Scarf/Splicing neck peghead, post this week.

15 degrees gives about the correct break angle and pressure on the fingerboard nut.

Cheers Taff

Really, just do what Taff says. I feared making my angled headstock and it was easy! Ok, I had a devil of time gluing it but I think I spent more time worrying about it than making it. Have fun!

Thank you sooo much!! Two more questions (for now), what type of glue is best for gluing the headstock to the neck? And should I drill holes and use pegs, or just run with glue?

I've always used tightbond glue, Original. Never had to reinforce if you have good mated surfaces.


what Taffy said, and lots of clamps.

any reputable pva or similar glue is ok, the issue is in the matching of the parts, and quality of the joint, with good compression from clamping etc, you are unlikely to get failure, and for what it is worth, I use an 11 deg angle for headstock joints, no reason for that other than it was recommended to me a long time ago, and works ok

I've done a lot of scarf joints for 3, 4 and 6 stringers. Never had one fail. It is not a difficult task if you keep a couple of things in mind.

1. Make sure the two mating surfaces are well matched.

2. Apply the glue (TiteBond) to both surfaces and ALLOW IT TO BECOME TACKY. Many folks apply glue and immediately try to clamp things together. They just slip and slide on a scarf joint. You have plenty of work time, so let it get real tacky before putting pieces together.

3. Sprinkle a very small amount of salt on one of the glue surfaces to help keep things from sliding.

4. Don't go crazy with clamp pressure. You just don't need it and it causes things to slip.

By the way, I use a 12 degree angle. I've read about 11, 12 and 15. I think they all work well.

Hi again if you look down the side bar of recent posts in  "forum", check out "Another way splice/scarf jig" it shows gluing ideas.


if this worked for medieval lutes,  then its really up to you what angle, if it does what you want, its right...

Roland, I like Titebond glue and there are other good ones. 

I would say that unless you are a good, experienced wood worker that keeping a first build simple is the way to go.  No scarf.  Cut the head stock down so it sits lower than the fret board - or use a glued on fret board that causes the head stock to be lower.  

Bolts for nuts reduce strings hopping out of place.  Making the head stock long enough to have about two inches between the nut and nearest tuner helps create some downward angle and keep the strings where you need them.  In the CBG world, most of us have no qualms about stringing the strings to the 'wrong' side of the machine heads- the straightest alignment will work best. 

Scarf it if you want.  Have fun and good wishes.  Build, learn and move on to the next one.  A great starting

how to play video is knotlenny's cbg 101.  You can google it or find it at page top under resources/how to play.

Hi Roland, here is what Uncle john is talking about. Only one of these necks has a scarf joint peghead.

I save it for the classier models I make, I have tried all ways as you can see. some are straight though at the neck thickness, but this depends on the length of the tuner posts.

Cheers Taff




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