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How to Play the Cigar Box Guitar - Free Lessons!

How To Play the Cigar Box Guitar

Free Lessons from Shane Speal, Justin Johnson, LJ, Keni Lee Burgess & Knotlenny

There are no rules to cigar box guitar building as well as cigar box playing. However, we have put together many lessons to get you started as a performer of these wonderful instruments.

Even if you have no musical experience whatsoever, YOU CAN PLAY THE CBGs YOU BUILD! Being able to play even a little bit on the instruments you make helps show people around you what they can do, and helps spread the word about the CBG revolution!

The Essential Lessons:

  • Shane Speal's 28-part (and growing!) collection of instructional CBG videos is the best place to start learning how to play your CBG!

  • How to Play Any Song on the 3-string Cigar Box guitar, by Justin Johnson
    • Justin Johnson is known as the "Wizard of the Cigar Box Guitar" for a reason! In this video lesson, he shows you methods and tricks you can use to figure out nearly any song on a 3-string cigar box guitar.
    • Click here to view the video!

More Great Lessons:

For more detailed lessons, we recommend Keni Lee Burgess' "How To Play 3-String cigar Box Guitar" DVD. It is available at his eBay store (link).





About the Authors...

Shane Speal is the founder of Cigar Box Nation and the King of the Cigar Box Guitar. His work to spread the word about CBGs has brought countless new builders and players into the fold, and his how-to-play lessons have taught many folks how to get started playing their homemade instruments.

Justin Johnson burst onto the CBG scene a couple of years ago, and quickly blazed his way to the top tier of cigar box guitar performers and educators. Teaching people how to play the instruments they build is a big part of Justin's mission - check out his Youtube channel for more great how-to-play info!

Keni Lee Burgess is a New York City subway platform performer, and music teacher. His lessons cover a wide range of techniques and theories. Keni Lee also has a great DVD that is highly recommended for anyone wanting to master these instruments.Singer/Songwriter;

Knotlenny (aka Kevin Sprague) was bitten by the cigar box guitar bug in 2004. Since that time he has performed with a number of primitive instruments and lays claim to being the design originator of the license-plate resonator cbg. Knotlenny organized the first Cigar Box Guitar fest in upstate NY, 'Fingerlakes Fest', which was held in Canandaigua, NY in 2008.


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