Hey all,

Still waiting on my builder to finish my CBG. I am new to stringed instruments (I was a drummer). After watching 100's of YouTube videos over the last couple months, I am noticing that the cigar box itself produces a completely different sound depending on it's size and shape. After viewing alot of these videos, I am noticing that I really like the sound of CBG's made out of the Punch box. It just has this super tight, clean guitar sound. My builder is making my CBG out of a red Brick House box, and I am not seeing as many Brick House boxes sound as nice as the Punch boxes. Being new to this, I picked the red Brick House box because I liked the way it looked...dumb, I know. I am almost kicking myself now for deciding to go with the Brick House box, but it's a start, so maybe down the road I'll go with a CBG that is the shape and size of the Punch box.

I'm just curious as to what other people think of this, and what boxes tend to be their favorite for a nice CBG sound...

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My best sounding cbg's acoustically have been from Padron boxes with Cohiba natural wood boxes 2nd

Don't stress. Dude. This is supposed to be Phun. All boxes sound a bit different. Learn to appreciate the differences. Put it in terms of cymbals...

Oh, I'll be fine. I'm all new to this, so I'm still learning about things.

I'm certain this will not be my only CBG...it will be my first though.

Relax. You worry too much. You will have a fine guitar.

I'm sure. The guy who built it is very good at building and he's also a super nice guy...really a pleasure to deal with. He told me the CBG sounds great! I trust him.

Here she is...built by Crumbley Caster:


Wow Nice!

The way an instrument sounds on the internet isn't the same as they sound in person. String instruments (CBG/Guitars) tones are largely influenced by the player.

That's a beautiful looking CBG, Snuffy. Definitely better than my first if we're going off looks. Let us all know what you think of how it sounds when you've had a play on it.

My favourite box to date is a Romeo Y Juliette box. Nice size great sound. You have to remember, and after your marathon YouTube perusing I'm sure you will know already, not all of the sound will be attributed to the box alone. Pickup, strings, nut, bridge etc will all lend different sounds to the instrument. It's why I love these things so much. By their very nature of being imperfect I think they're beautiful. As Forest Gump once described life, "CBGs are like a box of chocolates,you just never know what you're gunna get".

Enjoy your new friend. You should get on great together.

Yup, I'll say Amen to what the Reverend Bow is preaching. All the stuff like box type, pickup, strings, amp, are secondary to the player him or her self. It all influences the sound of a CBG but the soul and skill of the player are primary. Strings attached to a rusty shovel can be a beautiful instrument in the right hands. 

I"ve played on quite a few different CBG builds. I can honestly say that even builds using the same size and brand box sound different. 

You can achieve different tones on the same guitar. Most people know if you play closer to the bridge you get a twangier, trebly sound. Playing close to the neck is a deeper sound. There is also the way you hold your pick. Flat picking, holding the pick parallel to the strings, gives a bright sharp sound. Angling the pick slightly will give a more mellow sound. 

You'll start with the guitar. The more you play it the more you'll find out it's tones. Then you'll know where to play it to bring out the sound you like. Because ever CBG is different you'll find great sounds out of all of them. 

Thanks for all the encouragement and advice. I guess I'm not really going to know how it sounds til I get my hands on it. My builder will be sending her off to me this week. We'll see...

Video of my builder, Keith Crumbley at Crumbley Caster, taking my newly built CBG for a test drive. I'm a happy man tonight! It's the video at the top of the page...Build # 57:



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