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CBG wiring & electronics.


CBG wiring & electronics.

Want to plug that thing in? Here's a place to share ideas about pickups (Both magnetic and piezo) and wiring in volume and tone control, the best options in output jacks, and more!

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Ted Crocker's Mad Scientist Lab Wiring Diagrams & Schematics

Started by Ted Crocker. Last reply by Daniel Walter Nov 20. 21 Replies

Found at Handmade Music Clubhouse.  Need a diagram not here?  Just ask. Find…Continue

Tags: &, schematics, diagrams, wiring, crocker

Mounting a rod piezo inside the box

Started by George Forster. Last reply by George Forster Sep 7. 6 Replies

Has anyone glued a rod piezo to the inside of the box, under the bridge? Were you pleased with the results? Any advice or response appreciated.Continue

How to wire this three-way switch?

Started by Ben. Last reply by eric gittins Aug 19. 3 Replies

Hi there, :-)I'm a noob and I'm building my first CBG. Please bear with me if this issue sounds trivial to you.I opted for a 2*Piezo & 2*Volume & 3-way switch & Jack and the wiring in…Continue

Pre Amp + Flatpup

Started by Roger Ring May 24. 0 Replies

If you cut off the rod piezo from a pre amp like Gitty sells and attached a flatpup, would it work the same as having a volume and tone pot ?Would it even work at all, and if it did, what could I…Continue

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Comment by Ellwood T. Bear 14 hours ago
Comment by Scott aka Farmer Ted yesterday

To stabilize, consider creating a wooden disc that includes wooden dowel at bottom center. 

Comment by Scott aka Farmer Ted yesterday

Then Goole for the item called Lowezo piezo biscuit bridge. The image shows what you need. A piezo disc sandwiched beteeen two circular discs of wood, with the wires running directly downward through the center of disc, continue through hole in center of the lowe cone, to confrols if using them, then to jack.

Comment by Ken Henry yesterday

Hey I thank you for your quick response Scott but unfortunately none of his pics show me what I need to know. I looked at his Facebook page as well but that was no help either but man I can say he has some beautiful stuff both places!!!!!!  He is an extremely talented guy!!!!

Comment by Scott aka Farmer Ted yesterday
Bridges specially made for the cone reso you have are available through Randy Bretz at Mojo Boneworks...he is a member of CBN.
Comment by Ken Henry yesterday

Hey guys!!! I am new to this group and I need some help. I have built several 3 and 4 string CBG's, all of them electrified and have been very pleased with the results!. Currently I am working on a couple of resonators using cones from Mike Lowe but I haven't been able to find any information on how to effectively  mount the bridge with a rod piezo under the saddle and how to run the wire from the piezo back down thru the cone. Is the bridge normally screwed or bolted to the cone? If not how is it stabilized other than string pressure? and if you use the hole for a screw or bolt how do you run the wire from the piezo back down thru the cone? Diagrams would be truly great!  If this has already been addressed in a previous post can someone send me a link to the discussion? I really appreciate the help, the friendship and the camaraderie among all you other builders out there!!! You guys are really a lot of help and could not have done it without your help!!!! Way too many to list by name!!!! And a very merry Christmas to each and every one of you!!!! Thanks for all your help!!!



Comment by The Phrygian Kid on November 12, 2014 at 7:29pm

Ah, Yep.  You're right, you do usually only see those inside amps and pedals.  FYI anything they can do can be done with a regular TRS jack, but they can't do everything a regular TRS jack can!!  (therefore they're kinda a waste of time imho)

i was talking about these (note all the solder lugs)

I ALWAYS need a multimeter and a guitar cable to work those bastards out !!   If I go into an electronics store and ask over the counter for a 1/4 inch switching jack thats what they'll give me, at least here in AU.   :)

Comment by robert jones on November 12, 2014 at 6:47pm

Thanks, you deserve a nice frosty can of Foster's for the assist. :-P

I'm talking about this type of switching jack which does resemble a stereo jack at first glance.

Comment by The Phrygian Kid on November 12, 2014 at 5:31pm

**they're not strictly 'for pedals and amps', they're for any application where you want to throw a switch when you insert/remove a cable.   For example any electronic instrument which has two outputs labeled (left/mono right) especially synths.

I've used them on a number of builds where I wanted to sum a couple of outputs when only one was being used.  They do look superficially like a TRS jack i suppose, but there usually another six solder lugs (because the switch component in most switching jacks is DPDT) on top of the 3 for the jack.

You are also at slight risk of confusing people to the simple 1p2t switch that one might use on the ring of a regular TRS jack to cut battery power in a pedal or active guitar circuit.  :)

Comment by robert jones on November 12, 2014 at 5:10pm

Ben you might want to add a picture of a switching jack and point out that those are for pedals and amps. It's come up before and switching jacks look similar to stereo jacks.


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