I've no clue if this is even the best spot to post this or even where to start..

So there's a tiny lil shop in the next town from me that sells soda-based drinks - start with a monster say, add some strawberry puree, creamer, etc.. and its  a $5/44oz delicious concoction... 

A lot of the drinks are based on energy drinks or sodas that are canned - I figure if I can get on the owner's radar a lil, I could maybe get the empty cans from him, with some sorta mutually beneficial deal, at the least I could pay him a lil for the cans he saves for me, at the most maybe he could sell some of my builds on consignment and when I get into the farmer's markets / craft market stuff I can advertise for him. 

Should be win/win ... 

I've talked to the owner a few times, he thinks the lil guitars are cool and he's friendly, but trying to actually get a hold of him to talk seriously about this stuff has been difficult - he's not always at the soda shop, he doesn't always respond to face book, I don't have a direct number or email for him ... etc.. 

Best I can come down to is building a few sample units and leaving them at his shop for him with my biz card... Anyone have any other ideas? Thoughts? experience?

I was thinking of approaching the few smoke shops in the area about selling instruments on consignment maybe - all the smoke shops around are lil mom-and-pop type deals, there's possibly a few convenience stores/gas stations I might be able to get product into.. not sure what's best there though, trusting to sell when I'm not there and all.. 

All this kinda applies to other arts/crafts I guess... Just right now my life has been all canjo all the time 

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Looks like you have your plan In order!! I say pray about it and go for it!!

I barely have two dimes to rub together at the moment, even working full time at the day job... 

So dunno much for praying about seems the message is I need to move on from what I been doing one way or the other.

I think it's the perfect ploy. A small well-made sample product. And a note briefly explaining your intentions. IE "Play with my can!" I would like you to stock a few on consignment.

Also asking for the cans and showing him the product should surely get you some cans. My friend went straight to the coke canner and got like 5 cases of empty cans for a price. I cant remember how much but it was not crazy.

Last time I went round the soda shop I left a prototype i had in the car, just put my info on the neck with a sharpie.. not exactly 'small well-made sample' .. mostly just trying to flag this owner down, like I know he's busy, he owns a call center as well as the soda shop and for a good while there he didn't have staff he could trust to keep either going when he wasn't there.

Today I lucked out could work from home due to weather and all, but so far all my attempts at redesign have failed.. I am aiming at something well-made, simple, easy to make / assemble.. I might even make them available as kits.. like provide your own soda can, here's parts and instructions... 

but first I need to make 1 that doesn't wanna fly apart when you tune it up or have other issues.. I am probably overthinking it


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