heres a video on how to make a flat pick up!

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Oh my, the cat is out of the bag, and flat as a pancake. Poor kitty.

Now that this secret is revealed, what can we expect next? Perhaps a video of how to make bone slides and custom bone bridges? Or maybe how to start your own guitar parts business?

The idea of sharing ideas and information on this site is a very important attribute which enables all members to grow. And I support this mantra, in as much as it maintains a level of ethics and respect to all involved.

And with a few exceptions, most of what we create and share on this site in regards to guitars, amplifiers, etc. are not new or owned by trademark, copyright, or patent...either actual or implied.

Not everyone who builds cigar box guitars or related items do so as a business. But there are a number of members who are small businesses. A few of them make a version of the flat pickup as part of their business. And to reveal the method or "secret" to the flat pickup without consideration to how it may affect their business is crossing a line that needs to be addressed.

If the video was simply showing how a standard pickup was made (a frame, some magnets, and a lengthy wrap of hair-thin copper wire), no worries. But posting this video could directly affect the trio of flat pickup businesses already represented here.

As an example to what I mean, consider another well known and long time member's iconic guitar called the Swampwitch. I have one, as do many other people. Anonymous Pick made one custom for me, and I love it.

But I would never consider making or posting a video of how it was made.

I would never make and post a video of me making bone slides, like we see from Randy Bretz. Nor would I post a detailed how-to blog of how to start up a guitar parts business like Ben's at C.B. Gitty.

In the end, it's about fair play, respect, and acknowledging that sometimes there is a line drawn in the sand...and a good reason why you should stay on one side of it.

Go to Facebook and do a search for "joes muziekinstrumenten atelier". A post from Elmar (the originator of the flatpup) comes up. It sounds like he is fine with whoever is producing flatpup style pickups. 

I'm not sure if I can repost what he said here due to copyrights. 

Ok Scott, let's speak about ethics and respect: I have a problem with this site that in many cases it's for me not clear if a post comes from somebody involved in cbg business or not: with your post I had the problem I had to check whether you are involved in flat pickup business or not: I suppose you are... If so why do you not declare this clearly? 
It's even worse: there are few people like Chickenbone John who share their experience, but there are far more people involved in cbg business they are not ashamed to fis hfor information from hobbyist builders. 
Ethics and respect for me means that it's clear who is involved in cbg business, that I know their clear names and not only a pseudonym or even a bunch of them.

To be clear Moritz, I am not associated with nor do I produce the type of pickups shown in the video. I have purchased the flat style of pickups from another member who has been making and selling them with Elmar's blessing. Although I make my own pickups (not the type/style in this debate), and could very well make the flat ones myself, I choose not to out of respect for Elmar and one of the two others here who make and sell them.

As others have pointed out, including Elmar himself, the issue is not really if someone wants to make his or her own flat style of pickup for personal use in a guitar project. Elmar only asks that others refrain from using the label "Flatpup" and for referral to his website.

In regards to my CBN name or pseudonym, I offer my first name, Scott, and my nickname Farmer Ted. Those who chat with or write to me may use either. Last names are reserved for professional interactions.

Thanks Scott for clarification.

Moritz, since you have been very frank I will be equally so.  I'm going to deal with both this post here and another similar post elsewhere.

It doesn't matter if someone is involved in a CBG business or not.  It doesn't matter if someone uses information gleaned here for business or not.  Sometimes a simple conversation of curiosity turns into a major discussion-- which then produces creative ideas and business items that are beneficial to the CBG community at large.  That is part of the purpose of this forum.  Or are you saying that information gleaned here should not be used in business in any way?

This is not "fishing for information".  This is how life itself works.  We ask questions, we learn, we make use of the answers however we will.   Or do you think the inventors and creators of this world-- the Edisons and Jobs and Gates-- accomplished what they do based on no prior information?  It all just occurred to them solely? 

All of science and production is based on prior knowledge, knowledge gained in conversation with peers, and with research and development.   That's how things work.

You may note that this forum is hosted by a business.  Shane Speal regularly posts articles on here-- yes (gasp!) self-promoting articles even-- as do many of us.  If businesses don't promote our creations, who is going to do so?  How is the community going to know about them?  How would hiding that information help the community in any way?  Self-promotion is how this forum got started in the first place (or were you unaware of that).

This is not a "hobbyist" board.  Nor is it a business board.  It is an all-around general CBG discussion board-- all things CBG, not just "Moritz-idea-of-what-is-to-be-discussed". 

Regarding pseudonyms, why do you believe people should use their real names.   Have you no concept of Internet security issues and widespread theft?  In addition, why do you believe that people here are using multiple pseudonyms?   I use one name:  Wayfinder.  My company name is Wishbringer.  That's it.  Any paranoia in this is of your own imagination and creation and not the fault of others.

In short Moritz, the constant negativity serves no purpose for this community. Abrasive nature is unfriendly and counterproductive to this board.  This should be intuitive.  Opinions are always welcome-- but constant negativity is tiresome.  A change of attitude is in order.

That's all I'm going to deal with here.  I'll discuss the video in another post.

In my opinion all Mr, Moritz is concerned about who the source of information is.For example,.If I tell him buy this pick up it's the best,.He wants to know do I produce it or am I just a builder that really thinks it is the best. That way he can decide.Open and transparent  I see no negativity in that.

Erasmo, the post by Moritz is a theme he's left repeatedly on CBN, not just about this video.  Let's just say we've had words before on this exact same thing.  Same grousing, same accusations, same points.  Accusations of multiple forum identities.  Insisting people use real names rather than forum handles.  His concept of ethics and what should or shouldn't be posted on CBN.  Not the first time we've seen such posts here.

Thanks Erasmo, you got it, maybe on our side of the big pond we are a bit more strict about the distinction between information, promotion and business. I agree with Scott that last names may be reserved for professional interactions, on the other side I never and never will buy something from a person I cannot identify on the net, worse if I have to do some detective work to find out whether A be the same person as B or not.

You're wrong Wayfinder: over the years I didn't have any problem with providers nor need for support after buying. My rule number two: never buy from a bigmouth, the real players I know are modest people.
P.S. Please don't mistreat the initial riff of «smoke on the water» no more, I have vivid memories of the story behind this song...

P.S. « You're wrong Wayfinder...» was the answer of a post Wayfinder has cancelled.

Wayfinder, it's not fair that you continue removing your offending posts, apart from the «rotten apple» one, so I will save a copy you cannot just cancel:

Original post was left with intent of dealing with a reasonable, rational person.  When I realized all you were doing was trolling, I removed it and decided to leave it be, but now explain why it was removed.  You should have just let it be.

Moritz, in all the time I've been on CBN I've not once seen someone intentionally insult another person's playing-- until you.  Your rude and hateful posts don't deserve respectful response.  Since CBN isn't much moderated against such posts... troll away. But do so by yourself, 'cos I'm done replying to you.


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