This morning I finished the basics on a 3 string slide bass but need to obtain a 3rd string. Currently tuned to D and A. Last week I partially assembled what will eventually be a 4 string guitar with fretboard. Currently researching building an amplifier and will add pickups later. Also, I will be cutting down the 4 string neck.

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Welcome to the madness, pics or it didn't happen lol

cutting down the 4 a 3 string?

The 4 string I plan to keep 4 strings but the neck is just 1x3 right now.. want to cut the headstock into a more legit shape. Maybe sand down the sides of the neck. Pick out two other strings too!

What sort of amplifier? Like how much power you looking to put out there?

I myself am working on a 200W ( 100W per channel / stereo ) amplifier, currently I can play music off my phone using the AUX port, still need to get the guitar input stage correct ( bought a preamp board kit for this, need to solder it and try it out )

For simple/quick/cheap amplifier I would grab the parts and build a Smokey Amp (which I didn't know about until after I bought the last kit! ), seems more than simple enough and pretty loud considering.

I saw plans for the smokey amp. I really haven't given the amp too much thought. Still doing research. I'm looking for more of a sound than a volume. I want to be able to distort and synthesize but keep the old retro bluesy sound offered in a simple can amp.

This is a Ruby amp, it's a variation of the Smokey amp. It has a great tone that many say emulates a Fender Champ. Has a Volume and Gain control and you can do a input mod to sound more like a Bassman and adding a Tone control isn't hard to do.The bigger you speaker, the better it will sound. 6" or bigger at 8ohms.

Also working on the 3string slide bass.
Didn't space my tuners out correctly so I gotta do some improv work on the headstock there too. Will be adding Third string. Currently tuned to D and A.


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