Design parameters

600mm scale length, 20 frets. cigar box is 270 x170x50 mm

threaded rod as nut and bridge

string through on 35 mm overhang



thanks Jhono for the tips on getting the frets straight. i hadnt thought that far in advance . i envisioned just drawing a line and gluing them down. How hard can it be???

ok so any glaring mistakes? neck drawing is roughly 1 to 1 vertically and 30 to 1 bridge position too far in or not enough?

got this set of tuners coming so i will get a second go if i stuff this one up...

just need some decent glue and some split pins and i will be good to start next weekend. The missus is off on a scrapbook retreat then off to Sydney to look after her godson for a week. so i can be messy and get away with it...ha ha .

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Comment by Timothy Hunter on October 6, 2016 at 9:10am

been stalled on the build lately due to Masters hardware closing down !!!

suddenley im putting lights in the garage so she can craft! and building a double sided self standing pegboard... there goes the long weekend! going to get in some build time this weekend.

took your advice Jonno, and rearranged the headstock so the tuners are a bit further away from the nut. got some 1/2"by 1/4" brass rod coming from ebay so i am going to make a brass nut for this will give about 45mm to the first tuner.

I havent touched the cigar box yet getting the neck sorted first. got a piezo disk and a custom tone volume combo that i designed myself so i hope it works... if not try again..ha ha .

i also want to try my hand at a wound pickup, got some good magnets from a dead HDD , just need to source some wire at a reasonable price. i know i can pick up a cheap one from ebay/china fo less than $10 but whats the fun in that?

Comment by the anonymous pick on September 13, 2016 at 11:18am

this  topic  comes  up alot  ,, and  you  will  have      some  folks  say  a    space   between  the  lid and   neck  is  better  ..   others  say    glued   right  to  the  top  is  better  and the   whole  guitar    is solid  and vibrates  .  . 

and    in  another  thread   ,( almost  as  in  a  perfect  world ) ,   someone that  actually  built  2  guitars  the  same  ,  same  box, scale  ,  and all ,    except  one  with a space,  and  one  without  ,    said  ..  he  really  couldn't  tell  the  difference    but  leaned  on  the     solid  glued  right  to  the    lid   sounding, and feeling  better  .

so  there's   your    "hummmm"  answer   for the  day   .  ;-)

more on the topic  …

Comment by Timothy Hunter on September 13, 2016 at 10:36am

i just realised with an 8mm high fretboard i dont really need to cut the neck for the lid. its only about 3mm thick and then i dont need to raise my bridge to get a decent action on the strings!!

does it matter if the box lid touches the neck all the way through the box?

Comment by Timothy Hunter on September 13, 2016 at 10:27am

im open to suggestions as i havent made any cuts to the part of the neck that goes through the box yet. i have glued on the fret board and cut the headstock. learnt that i dont saw in a straight fortunately i erred on the waste wood side so i have a bit more sanding than i would have liked.

what i meant by support was a small block between the neck and the box bottom at the points the neck goes through the box. i think C.B.Gitty does this from watching some of the videos. i watched the one where Glen left a high spot under the bridge so the box lid doesnt cave in.

Comment by Jonno on September 12, 2016 at 7:12pm
I just had a look at your neck plan again and saw that you are removing some of the top of the neck inside the box so that most.of it doesnt touch underside of box lid. I dont do em that way but its common. So could you explain what you mean by 'block under the neck'? Is it for lurpose of stopping fwd or back movement if neck as I suggested or some kind of bracing you had in.mind with the block perpendicular to the neck
Comment by Jonno on September 12, 2016 at 6:58am
P.s See my superglue comment in nails as frets thread. My Selleys stuff sux
Comment by Jonno on September 12, 2016 at 6:55am
I just normally put a little screw in the neck inside box at both ends to stop neck from moving fwd or back. The screw is placed in neck so that it will sit right up beside box wall.another way is to glue a piece of wood under the neck inside the box which is same lenghth as the bit of neck that runs thru neck. This will.keep neck from fwd or back movement. Bear in mind that too much wood in box may affect resonance.
Comment by Jonno on September 12, 2016 at 6:44am
Ahh. Like you I have been unable to load CBN. I always place a block.near the end.of the neck under where the bridge will be. The should but up against the under side of the box. I just find it gives some piece of mind that the bridge eont crack thru the box top when strinfs go over it. Others may have a different opinion or technique.
Comment by Timothy Hunter on September 10, 2016 at 1:06pm

cheers Jonno,

been having trouble getting this site to load since friday afternoon Aussie time. Been wanting to upload progress report.

this is a mock up of the frets, i have since trimmed them to size and tried a test glueing to a spare bit of fretboard. i used some Sellys brush on superglue i have and it took me 3 tries to get it to stick and then it was not very strong bond and popped off as i was gently touching up the edge. what glue do you use guys?

the neck is cut to length and the headstock cut out. i have glued on the fretboard and its sitting in the shed overnight to set.

bought a couple extra spring clamps and a pull saw from the local Masters store also got some tightbond as well.  got to love closing down sales.10% to 40% off !!

got to sand down the headstock tomorrow and make the cutout in the neck for the cigar box.

do you add a block under the neck where it goes through the cigarbox side?

will add some neck pics tomorrow.

Comment by Jonno on September 7, 2016 at 6:42am
Looking fwd to updates Timothy when you grt started on this. And if you get in a jam or make what you think is a mistake, don't scrap things. There are a heap of incredibly helpful folks on this site who can advise you. What some of these cbg ers know would fill countless books.

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