Haverhill, MA

United States

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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
Internet search for cigar box guitar
How many instruments have you built so far?
About 35 I think.
What do you find most interesting about cigar box guitars? (If you do not enter something meaningful here, your membership may be rejected).
Each one is a new adventure and learning experience / engineering challenge.

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  • Richard White

    Hi Bluesheart,

    Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it! I'm really happy with the way it turned out too!

  • Alan "Poor Boy" Ackerson

    Hey Bluesheart. Thanks for taking a peak and the compliment. Oily and Reeds have both been a big help. Would have built 20 more guitars before I figured out some of the stuff if at all. :) Since I saw your harp mics I have been on the hunt for old telephones, haha.

  • Stijn

    Thx for your comments Bluesheart, glad you had a peek at my little projects :) I'm still very new at this so very happy to receive some good comments! Gonna get some more boxes at the end of the week and build on, this stuff is addicting.

    I like your work, really creative and beautifull! Especially the 'Curly head' , your wife must have been very happy!

    Greetings from Brussels,


  • Stijn

    Hey Bluesheart, thx for your comments. Nice music you have here man and like your work a lot! Curly and El Toro rock dude!

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks for your comment

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks for your comment

  • Harvey Thompson

    Thanks for the "more harp" suggestion. So, I just posted a "Take 2" of Somebody Cryin' with an add'l harp overlay. - regards!

  • Dean Johnson

    Cheers for the comment!

  • rob

    thanks blue heart for the comment ,its not big in Africa but i am trying  my best  

  • Cin wel

    Nice to meet you too. Thanks! Great creations!!!
  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks for the comment Bluesheart

  • darren brown

    thank you bluesheart

  • Muddy Creek Guitars

    Thanks, my wife made the sign out of a piece of our shed that blew off in a storm. Every time I move it a little chunk falls off. Eventually we'll need a new sign.
  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks for your comment on No.32. Like your Tim Buck II especially the use of the ear ring in the sound hole

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thank you again for your comments

  • Gumbo Blues Guitars

    Thanks I need you in my corner.  I have need of loads of information and from your feeds I can tell you are loaded with it, Thanks, Sonny

  • martin baker

    Hi friend, back to the piezo in the biscuit, I'm looking for that rough sound like how  Elmore James, (& a few others) sound, is the sound a bit "softened" if it's buried ?Feeling creative= good medicine! Hope you get back to your ole self soon! Take care , Martin.

  • Bjorn Damsgaard

    Hi Bluesheart! Just want to thank you for friendly and supportive comments and I wish you a very merry xmas. See you in 2014.

    The best from Bjorn in Norway.

  • Mr.melo

  • Mr.melo

  • Mr.melo

    check out my latest cbg I built..:)

  • Mr.melo

  • Mr.melo

    wishing u the best man

  • Roberts Cogswell

    Thanks for taking a look at my photos. New to CBN and trying to learn my way around... You've got some interesting stuff yourself.

  • Danny Boy Davidson

    Olden Faire was very nicely put together Bluesheart...liked it a lot!

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks Bluesheart

  • Jim_N

    Thanks for the kind words, Bluz~ 

    (♫ Ah got a head full of ideas that are drivin' me insane~! ♫)

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks for your comments Bluesheart

  • Roberts Cogswell

    Hi Bluesheart.  Thanks for your kind words.

    To answer your question, caster cups are those semi-flexible things you put under chair or table legs to protect your floor surface. I used 1 3/4" "Super Sliders" from Walmart. I used one for the mic element gasket and one for the grill which I drilled holes in and painted. They were shaped to fit with a Dremel. I was pleased with the results and they are cheap.

  • railroadDon

    thanks for your kind words

    and hey cool tunes on here bro

  • richard p robinson

    thanks for kind word on the uk   ready liked alot of your photo

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks again Bluesheart

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Might try a triple 

  • Jim Morris

    Hey Bluesheart, good to have you as a friend. This shaving horse design was based on one in Roy Underhill's book. I think it was called The Old Woodwright's Shop. He has several books out but I think it's this one. I used 2x6 pine material rather than splitting an oak log like he does in the book but everything else followed his plans. Good luck! I use it all the time for many other things besides shaping necks.

  • Rodrigo Ventura

    Thanks a lot for the comment Bluesheart!

  • Rodrigo Ventura

    Thanks a lot for the comment Bluesheart!

  • Rob Uker

    Nice version of Nobody knows you.

  • Krista

    Thanks for the kind comment, really enjoy looking at your pictures and creations. Wishing you a wonderful weekend from 60 degrees North in a little place called Shetland, Scotland!

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks Bluesheart

  • 43rd Shamrock

    Thanks for the kind words !  ......... just beginning in all of this & love it !

    Be well my friend

  • Darryl Tuttle

    would like to see pics of the rat rod as it progresses,,,,weirdest build i saw was a manure spreader made into a rat rod...think there are pics of it online somewhere

  • Bristol Blue

    Hi Bluesheart ,good to meet you too :-)                                                     Just checked our your Dulcimer video , sounds real nice .... John Boy had a Dulcimer on season 1 of the Waltons ,though I bet he bought his at Ike Godsey's store lol :-D

  • Slow Blues Dani & Ol' Grey Bear

    Hi Bluesheart. Well I just came to check out your page after seeing you around the site and wow you've got some awesome music. Great harmonica, really strong vocals and, of course, that CBG rounds everything off and ties it together wonderfully. Lovely stuff indeed. Thanks for sharing with us :)

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks Bluesheart,it turned out well considering I picked up the wrong can and sprayed it gloss black instead of clear lacquer

  • Nhirvana

    Hey Bh, I don't know about impedance, but they make a pill for that. I have a very basic understanding of electronics, I read this instructable:

    . It's pretty easy as long as the radio has a volume "pot" and not micro switches. It's such a cool, easy thing to do. And its seemless, you barely notice the jack. It's cool that the radio will still work normally too!
  • Nhirvana

    Thanks Bluesheart. I'm having a ton of fun building these things!
  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks Bluesheart

  • Michael Lohrengel

    Thank you for the comment Bluesheart, if you check the latest photos of the Black Brick House you will see a great improvement as I took Uncle Johns suggestion to heart and made the necessary change to the bridge support and it changed the whole dynamics/looks of the build to a much cleaner and better looking CBG - Glad to hear you are doing ok after the heart attack - just took a look through your pictures - you do some nice work and the songs you do are good as well - have a great day

  • Michael Lohrengel

    Good Morning Bluesheart

    Hey man great music - nice vocals and playing - wanted to say Thank You for your comment on the changes made to Black Brick House due to Uncle John's suggestion - I really appreciate all you guys and your constructive criticism and good eyes 

  • Michael Lohrengel

    Thanks for the friend request Bluesheart - gladly accepted - still can't get over your great vocals and playing - keep on keepin on brother and stay well.