• UK - Best Place to Buy Cigar Box's

    Hi all, I am living in Thailand and building CBGs for about a year.  I will be returning to the UK this year and looking to continue building.  My question is 'where is the best place to buy cigar box's?  Where do you get your box's from?CheersRich

    By Rich Butters

  • Are metal frets necessary?

    Hey there fellow CBN plunkers, strummers and sliders,I'm getting ready to construct a 3-string cigar box guitar with a humbucker pickup. I'm really fascenated with the fretless fingerboard and have heard upright bassists produce warm single note passages in jazz music. And it occurred to me that…

    By J. D. Woods

  • Busking Songs...

    Does anyone have experience busking with cigar box guitars? What are your favourite songs to play? Not been playing CBG long but got the bug and started working out which songs I'd like to learn and go out to play. So far started with ....Roadhouse bluesThe boys are back in townWalk of lifeDon't…

    By Nomad Jack

  • Joseph J. Rogowski about Current Based Pickup Design


    By Moritz Voegeli

  • crossover guitar.

    I will try to keep this short if i can.many years ago when i was about 10 my step father was a telephone installer for the PMG. T his is an Australian thing but it stands for Post Master General. it was the government bodu for postal services and telephone/telegraph services. not rlelevant on a…

    By Timothy Hunter

  • Flat bucker under box top. Any Success?

    I searched "Ghost Pickup" and found a few entries from people who tried the Wicked Bucker under the box top. Apparently it was not particularly successful.I'm just checking in to see if anyone has successfully installed a wicked bucker under the box lit with strings about 1/4" above the lid.It…

    By Tom T

  • Has anyone tried this? Thoughts?

     I tried this build in this fashion for two reasons. It's all the wood I had for the neck, it wasn't long enough for a stick-through and that's all I had available. Figured as the neck ended right below where I wanted the bridge to be... Turns out it's pretty loud for such a small box.  Would like…

    By Southern Ray

  • just came accross this pickup idea on youtube.

    It is a concept and working pickup for a variable tuned pickup. It is quite technical in sections but the bottom line is this pickup can be tuned to sound like a vintage single coil fender pickup to an overwound Humbucker.…

    By Timothy Hunter

  • VIDEO: Building a CBG with limited resources.

    Hi, I made this video five years ago and agonized about posting it for public viewing. The reason is that I made the video and guitar kit for my son, to encourage him into building guitars, so some comments are directed at him only. He lives 2500km away.Anyway, he said it was a good instructional…

    By Taffy Evans

  • Free PDF Download: Vintage Guitar Effects Plans - 1967 Fuzzbox and 1969 Treble Boost

    These vintage plans from Popular Electronics Magazine have launched thousands of garage bands over the years.  In 1967, they first published the classic "Fuzzbox for Under…

    By Cigar Box Nation