• Springs in a cigar box guitar

    In my first build I added springs to the box but later for the fun of it cut out my neck to except (4 springs) thinking it would vibrate a little extra, don’t seem to sound different, but now iam thinking I should fire it up with a pickup, what you think, to much buzzing? Also, I like the idea of…

    By Howard Craypool

  • Fretted and Slide Advice

    I'm looking for my next build from CB Gitty. Does anyone have any advice on what CBG build kits are good for playing slide on a fretted CBG? My first build was the "Pure & Simple" fretted build. I love it but the action is so low it's really difficult to play with a slide. Thanks folks!

    By Patrick Whaley

  • The entirely hypothetical encylopedic CGB design and construction book - a long post

    I just bought a box full of CGB building books, and I must say I'm disappointed. I taught electronics, computers, and networking. I am particular about training aids, and I have high expectations. I am in the process of designing training aids that that meet the standards my employers had for…

    By Infirmity Citrus President

  • Need help

    I’m trying to make a guitar that I can play by removing the frets epic Ying the fretboard and then just sliding up and down the strings, I’ve got some experience making Diddley bows but I’m unsure of exactly what I need to do in order to get somthing that has a metal sound, if anyone has tried this…

    By Ozz989

  • What's on your workbench?

     This could be git related or not. So, what's on your workbench at the moment?I have 4 scarf joint necks in different stages of work.A 25" scale pine 5 string neck for a Banjo-Res, A 25" scale Red Oak neck for my 6 string Strat-Res build, A 24 & 1/2" scale Red Oak neck for my 6 string Double…

    By Paul Craig

  • Hi everyone. Need some advice plz...

    I'm baaaaack for a bit. Some might remember me, I've been gone quite some tims. Long story short, I moved from CBG's to making full size guitars, mostly T-style. Made about 15-20 of them, even sold  3. I switched because my cbg skillset had sort of plateaued. My build designs are still influenced…

    By James Pobog

  • How can I use this cool piece?

    I have this brass saddle rosette that's vintage Civil War. It's 2 1/2 inches wide. It would be nice if it could go flat on the top somehow with the strings going through drilled holes.Or even better, it goes on top of a piece of hardwood in a crescent shape that has ferrules for the strings. It…

    By Jo Jacobsen

  • Box thickness effect on sound

    If a guy wanted to build a dog bowl resonator:Will a thick box produce a better tone than a thin box?Will a larger - 10.5 X 9 - box sound better than an 8 X 6?Is it better to attach the neck to the bottom or the lid?Is it better to have the dog bowl suspended free and clear of the neck, or resting…

    By Infirmity Citrus President

  • Rocky Patel mocked up

    Probably about 2 days work left on it, maybe more. Gotta fret, glue on the fretboard, do the wiring fit the tailpiece, string retainer plate, pup, and bridge, then screw it together.This is probably the best quality one I have built. Zoom in on the headstock and you can see the birch…

    By James Pobog

  • I am back and I have something new; Biscuit Tin Micro Bass

    Been a while since I last posted on here. fair enough most of what I build is for sale and I don't want it to look like I am on here to advertise, but this build here is a personal one and one I have been planning for for years.It is a Micro Bass, for those that don't know thats a super short scale…

    By JP Lace Master