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United Kingdom

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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
Surfing the net a few years ago for info on Seasick Steve..
How many instruments have you built so far?
None so far but own a Nineboys & a Toelar & an HSG Hubcap guitar.
What do you find most interesting about cigar box guitars? (If you do not enter something meaningful here, your membership may be rejected).
Each one is individual & and in my experience ,inspiring from almost the first touch !

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  • Darryl Tuttle

    thanks for the comment on the supro feels weird playing it, its got a shorter scale than i am used to...think i will use it as a travel guitar mostly, seems like more of a novelty

    ever hear a band called the Nighthawks? they did a double allbum with Pinetop perkins and others...think you would like it...Kings and jacks, i think its called....i set it down somewhere and cant fnd it at the moment....only listened to it once..but i think you can find it on youtube

  • Slow Blues Dani & Ol' Grey Bear

    Thanks for being a friend, Bristol Blue. You've made my night. A pleasure to call you a friend on here.

  • Slow Blues Dani & Ol' Grey Bear

    Just wanted to say thank you for recommending Toelar and his guitars to me. I'm now the proud owner of a new three string electric and a diddley bow electro acoustic. Nice guy, as you said, if a bit out of the way for collecting, and great sounding guitars. Thanks again and have a great weekend.