43rd Shamrock


Jonesboro, GA

United States

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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
by accident messing around on the internet late one night
How many instruments have you built so far?
50 +
What do you find most interesting about cigar box guitars? (If you do not enter something meaningful here, your membership may be rejected).
... the passion and how each CBG is unlike any other one !

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  • Allen

    If you decide to use the vegie steamer for a reso, make sure it is at least  7 inches in diameter, I built one with the 7 in. and one with the 5 in. The 7 in. has a really great sound, not so much the 5 in., but it's ok.

  • Dave Lynas

    Hi Shamrock. Thanks for asking. I love yor work! I'll be happy to be a friend. 

  • Dave Lynas

    Thanks for the info Shamrock. I don't get notifications of comments. I have a problem with Yahoo, they locked me out of my account cause I couldn't answer my security ?s right. They are my primary email so... I can't get past this even though I changed to gmail. It's frustrating. I'll prevail someday.