Frederick, MD

United States

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After discovering cigar box guitars a few weeks ago, I feel like a lifetime of tinkering and never throwing anything away is finally justified! I haven't built one yet but the gathering of parts has begun in earnest. I'm a 25 year professional carpenter (residential remodeling) and recently, after a trip to Hawaii, I caught the ukulele bug. I never learned to play any instrument and always wanted to. I bought my first ukulele a week after returning and have practiced every day since. I say "first one" because the collection is already growing.
After stumbling upon a YouTube video of the guy from "Red Dog Guitars", I knew what I needed to do! Combine my carpentry skills with my newfound passion for playing an instrument. The possibilities are only limited by ones imagination!
Despite the temptation, I'm not rushing into my first build. It seems everyday I see, or read, or come up with on my own, a "better idea" for a guitar or part. Once one of them is close to being done in my head, I'll actually build it. And then hopefully a hundred more!
Update: Well, obviously I've built a few now. My love and interest in guitars and guitar building has only increased. As has the amount of crap in my "luthiery". I've moved on from true cbgs to solid bodies (2 are "in work") and I think I'd like to build a few actual guitars from kits. I wish I knew how to play! (I'm tryin!)

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  • Nhirvana

    Hey Fom, I don't know what you mean by a "tail". The bridge is a door hinge with the middle hinge pin loop removed. Then I notched the hinge pin.
  • Bluesheart

    Thanks for the info and link to the radio amp stuff, very cool.

  • Uncle John

    Just read your profile.   Neat.   I like your builds, pics and vids!