• "Little Fish" Project

    I decided that blues singer & CBG player Samantha Fish's signature model Delaney guitar was pretty cool looking. Even though her guitar is semi-hollow body, I decided it was a challenge I couldn't refuse. The city had cut down a maple tree to be used for firewood in the park's picnic areas and…

    By Steve Bookout

  • How to add photos?

    How do I upload photos?

    By Stephen Sell

  • My first 3 string cigar box guitar

    I first discovered three string cigarbox guitars about a week ago and since then I’ve been crazily trying to build one. I finished one last night and here are a few photos. I learned a lot but now I have some more refined questions and I’m still trying to put the right strings on this and get it to…

    By Stephen Sell

  • Shedding a Tear for Dave Lynas

    The other day I was shopping, as so many of us are at this time of year. I stumbled into a store and happened to hear Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi on the speakers. It stopped me in me tracks. I immediately thought of our dear departed friend Dave Lynas. That song has always reminded me of him,…

    By Poorness Studios

  • CBG listed in the Sharper Image catalogue

    I saw this today in the Sharper Image catalogue. Lots of people will have, at least, seen one of these now.https://www.sharperimage.com/view/product/Blues+Box+Guitar+System/205262CBGs must be getting more…

    By Charred

  • This is my first cigarbox guitar.

    My cigarbox is a slide guitar, and has 2 piezo pickups a oak neck, and a 25.5…

    By Dale Armstrong

  • Uncle Enos CBG Banjo Build

    Now I finished the build, read thru the string info, now it’s head scratching time.3 E strings? I think the 5th is tuned an octave higher than 1st, so is the 3rd E just a heavier string?I did purchase a set of strings from Pisgall for old banjo sound.A frequency for the string would help me out,…

    By Greg


    A while ago  , I was in the process of  building a donated  banjo/  guitar for a local guy here that helps with delivering prescriptions ,  groceries , etc  for folks  that…

    By the anonymous pick

  • To Reach the Chord

    This garden universe vibrates complete.Some we get a sound so sweet.Vibrations reach on up to become light,And then thru gamma, out of sight.Between the eyes and ears there…

    By Rich

  • Seasonal build contest?

    I miss the seasonal build contest, what happened?

    By smilingdog1