• Rest In Peace, Anonymous Pick. We Lost a Legend.

    Just got this…

    By Cigar Box Nation

  • Billy Jones & Delta Blues Outlaws

    ..the Monkey Pox Remix …

    By billy jones bluez

  • Saying Goodbye To a Long Time Friend

    It was an emotional week. I lost my beloved cat of 19 years. Ellie made cameos in several of my videos so I thought some folks here might want to know. I miss her very much, but I know she spent her life surrounded by love. She was a very special cat.

    By Poorness Studios

  • Let’s talk Aeolian…

    Here’s something for the Beginners or players that aren’t familiar with the Aeolian scale. Transposed in the keys of G & D, which makes it perfect for anything with One string. Learn it front to back & easily apply the Formula to 3 strings to add some flare to your playing style. Play on my…

    By BrianQ.

  • Building a Violin w/ GITTY Parts

    Looking for plans, info ( ,photos of built Violins.) Built using Cigar boxes.  With Gitty Violin  Parts or pick & chose parts. Other Blogs/web-sites building / selling Violin parts. I am interested trying a Cigar Box Violin.  All & any ideas w/ any info PS I have used "cigar " boxed, maid…

    By Brad Craig

  • UPDATE on my health issues

    As some of you already know , (due to my personal letter to some members here (below ) I am dealing with health issues .   “”Hi,  I hope all is well with you . Unfortunately , I can't say the same for myself . I have been ill for a while  and losing weight rapidly,  and , finally   Last week . I…

    By the anonymous pick

  • Effects Pedals

    Currently working on a few prototypes for some guitar effects pedals. I have my Fuzz pedal back from testing currently. Going to swap out transistors for something a bit hotter.…

    By Trey Allensworth

  • alaska airlines

    Came across this Reddit, only information was "Alaska Airlines" 

    By jeff weins

  • in What way does your type HEADSTOCK effect stringtension, and vibration flow?

    How does the Headstock effect your way of playing,look on guitars, string tension, and costumer  loyalty?does it matter? or does it have no effect what so ever !Let me now…

    By A.D.EKER

  • Build number two

    Just finished number two build. It's set up as a three string, but has pairings of bass and treble strings. It sounds very mandolin-ish. Warning: If you do this make sure your have a very stout infrastructure. The tension is amazing.…

    By Guy Bachman