Hi Gang,

I just got given an old beat up electric guitar in serious need of rebuilding and I suspect it may be a Teisco but I'm not sure.

Can anyone identify this guitar please?

Also.. the spring is missing from the trem and the top of the bridge. Can anyone suggest where to go for replacements or what I could use instead? I suspect I'll have to make something and it will be a seasick Steve kinda thing, which will be fun !



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hey  gary   ,,  i  believe  this  may  be  a  "global"  brand   guitar  ,  made  in  Korea  .

you  can  get  the  trem  spring  and  maybe the  bridge   top  on  ebay  ..   i  know  one selller  sells  new  replacement  springs  ..   but   a  proper  fit  is  hit  and miss.   then again  ,   you  could  replace the  whole  trem  .  bezdez  sells  them  cheep    on  ebay  .


  bridge  top  may  be  hard  to    find though  . 

  i  have   used  a school  ruler   " with the  grove  down the  middle"  before   .  and  placed a   screw  shaft  in the  groove . just  trimmed  down the   sides  . and   drilled   2  holes   for the  wheel  posts  .  works  pretty  good  . 


Excellent, Thanks !

Never even heard of global :0)

I was thinking of using a bit of studding / threaded rod for the bridge by just drilling suitable holes either end and slipping that down the two bridge posts. The trem spring might be a bit trickier, but you never know what might come up at the bootfair that I can adapt. Not entirely sure it's worth the effort, the body from what I can make out is just a lump of plywood, but hey... It might sound good for slide !

When I opened it up the pickup and pots weren't even wired up and someone had snipped the pup wires right close, so I had to take it apart and solder new wires on. I haven't checked it's sound yet bit it gives a reasonable reading on the meter. The two pots and the jack socket have had it though, but they're easy to sort out.

Thanks again for your info, I'll go google "Global" guitars now !



  it willl  be  great  as a  slider  or  blues  guit ,   or regular   guit .   you are  gonnna  love that  vintage  pup  sound  . lammed  ply  is    pretty  dam stromg  and  light  ..  all  i  see are  pluses   here  ;-)

 your  bridge   idea  sounds  perfect  if    ya   got the tools  to  do   so  .  ;-)


Excellent !

Thanks Friend.

You've inspired me to crack on with it !

Can't decide now wether to strip it back to bare wood or just leave it as a tatty sunburst.

Waddya reckon?

meh  .. id  leave  the  ols  burst  ..  ..  but  ..  i  may  be  the  wrong  guy  to  ask  ..  lol.. 


I think you could be right, I don't spose plywood is gonna look fabulous.

On the other hand..... Maybe I should put my own stamp on it and give it a right good custom job of my own :0)

I've just been given loads of top notch wood by a friend which includes a roll of vaneer.

I've also been working on a garden for a customer and there's a Eucalyptus tree that's shedding it's bark. I took a bit home and soaked and pressed it to use as vaneer and it comes up really nice. I'm thinking of maybe cutting out vaneer to cover the whole guitar body in jigsaw shapes. It'd take a while to do mind, but It could look quite groovy :0)

ps: Love the way you squared off that guitar !

yeah  ..  its  in  the  lower  price  range  where   you  can   trash it, without  the  fear  of   devaluing  a  6000    dollar   rare  guit       ..  

so  ..  have   fun  with  it  .   let  the  guitar tell  ya  what  it  wants  ;-)


I Daren't ask it what it wants,

It'll ask for a Bigsby Trem, Grover Tuners, Hotrail pups, and a new paint job !

I think it will be sadly disappointed :0)

lol  ..  too  tru    


Hi again,

Hey... look what just turned up on ebay.

The exact same guitar whuich has an "Audition" label on the headstock.

Is Audition and Global one and the same company?


well  ..   yes and  no  .   teisco  and  audition are usually  the  "same" ,  but  global and  teisco are  different companies  .   the   labels  were  mostly  the choice of the   distributor  stores  .. ie: " silvertones"      would go  to  sears  ,   audition  would   go  to   Montgomery wards  . etc  ..    some stores  even requested a special  name  . 

 but   if   Montgomery wards  requested a guitar  from    global  ,,  they  could     ask  for  it to  be  branded  in  their  teisco  audition   name  .. some stores  even  had their  own  name stickers  .  and  even a sticker  with   their  model   number  to  put  on any  guitar they  order.

 .Audition,  was also  the  name  for   UK teisco  imports  .   

and  Korean and   Japanese   copied each eother   ,  some    companies even   used the same  parts  factory  .  lol.

  so  its   usually  a crap shoot  on   what your old  Asian  guitar  is  .. and all  we  can  go  by  is evidence  .  and subtle  hints  usually  ,

  makes  it  kinda  fun  with the  detective  work .    ;-)

  so  is  your  guitar  a global  ?  maybe  

is it a teisco  .? . maybe  .

so  far    ,  you  have   shown  more   evidence     of  it  being a teisco  .  

  but  that  may  change  lol..   has  it  got any    number  on the neck  plate  ?


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