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  • ANDOMANDO,,also known as ANDY

    At last i made my first cigarbox guitar, it works fine,its nothing fancy just bits of this and that  i found in my house,

    I named it;little devil titan,

    its my son,s old hockey stick.

    Thought this may be of use for others to try;i used rivets for my strings to go through

    at the tail end.there should be a picture of the rivets used,hope this is a help to someone,

  • Mark Bliss

    Welcome to the Intermediate tips and tricks group Andrew, hope you find something useful there. Please feel free to look about, ask questions and contribute anything you feel is of interest to the group.


  • Roosterman

    Hi mate

    Bloody hell! Didnt expect to find another CBGer in Inverness!

    For your timber, head down Longman Road (not Longman Drive!) - its the road that goes along the waterfront, UNDER the Kessock bridge. Theres a builders merchants down there that stock hardwood. Cant remember the damn name, but its the big modern place about half way down - always have a hand drawn sign selling rock salt hanging off the fence. Next time Im out Il drive by and get the name for you

    Anyway, ask to see what they have - I buy Meranti from them, but they sometimes have oak too.


  • Roosterman

    Il find out the name of the place in town that sells it mate, but even if theyre out, I have some here I can sell you at cost


  • darren brown

    thanks andrew ,that flag is my home new scottland aka nova scotia canada .
  • darren brown

    i think its tuned gdgb thanks man .

  • Roosterman

    Missed your call somehow buddy - damn answerphone didnt give me your number either.

    Anyway, the place I get my timber from has changed name - its now under the Jewsons banner. Easy to find, alomost opposite the new marina under the kessock bridge. Ask to see their hardwood latting.


  • c# merle

    hey andrew, thanks for the comments. im a bit far from inverness tho - just outside falkirk
  • darren brown

    thanks andy












    it turned out well .

  • Bad Finger (Eric)

    Hi Andy,

    BTU is British Thermal Unit. I was having a bit of fun since you are using that heat diffuser normally used over a gas burner. Sorry, I'm a nerd.
  • darren brown

    thanks for the comment andy the reso sounds nice .
  • Uncle John

    Andy, I meant to ask if the cbg was octave tuned.   You need a longer scale for that.
  • Roosterman

    Hi mate,

    Pop by anytime - just give me a bell to make sure Im home!

    Sorry I havnt dropped by to see you yet - Iv been hectic busy, but Il find time at some point.

    Whats the charity gig youre doing? Sounds like fun, I could drop in and show my support


  • bemuzic

    thanks a lot Andy : -)
  • Bad Finger (Eric)

    Ha-ha!  Great!  My comment comes from my Dad's gun safety lecture from when I was 5 or so growing up on a farm.  It also comes from Captain Beefheart's 10 Commandments for a guitar player.  Google that if you don't know it already.  :)
  • David Tutterrow GutBucketGuitars

    Hi Andy, Thanks for the info. I've seen these on Ebay, but the only place I've seen them is from overseas. I keep hoping someone from over here will post them for sale online. I definitely don't want to pay what they are wanting for nut files from luthier supply houses...and my wife doesn't want me to either!


  • David Tutterrow GutBucketGuitars


    How much do you want for them and what method of payment? Check ok? Paypal? Forgive me as I've never bought something from someone who uses a different currency. My address is:


    David Tutterrow

    124 Heathersett Dr

    Franklin, TN 37064


    Thanks again for the info and I'll try to look them here and help others such as myself.



  • darren brown

    hi andy yes cut a 3 inch hole in the box were the bridge would be and i put the piezo on the plate under the bridge .
  • David Tutterrow GutBucketGuitars

    Wow, Andy....thanks! I've tried looking them up, but it seems the only places I've seen them available is in the UK. I wish you would let me know how to compensate you for the trouble. I really appreciate it. By the way, I told my wife where you're from and she's wanting to know when we can come visit :-) Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind hitting the links over there myself! Thanks again and let me know if there's ever something I can do for you - David
  • Mike Bingham

    Thanks for you comment on my lap steel build Andy.  below is a picture of it after i finally decided what I wanted for a 'fretboard".  i drew the lines on some clear acrylic and put some playing cards under it so the lines showed up better.  Enjoy!

  • Low Budget Luthier

    painted black first then sanded out......thanks
  • darren brown

    thanks for the comment andy .
  • David Tutterrow GutBucketGuitars

    Got the files today. Just wanted to say thanks again and tell you how much I appreciate it. THANKS!
  • Shelley

    Hi Ando, Thanks so much for stopping by and adding the lovely comments. Appreciate that! You've made some nice looking instruments. Like the Kentucky tag. I'm going to have to get me a Mississippi tag next time i go back home. 



  • David Tutterrow GutBucketGuitars

    Haven't had a chance to use them on a build yet, but I have a "practice" bone I use and they seem to work just fine. They'll get plenty of use when I get used to working with bone well enough that I feel comfortable slapping it on a CBG. Thanks again!
  • Jon Pruett

    I got a set of welding tip cleaners from Lowe's home improvement store here in the states - but they can also be ordered from and shipped for free. Cheers!
  • bouydog 8-9-8

    Thanks for the info Andy. The truth is the nearer things are to being free the better I like them.



  • Uncle John

    Andy,  Thanks for the Uncle John caricature!   I like it a lot.    :)
  • Dion Bilalis

    i hope you had a good time here!! well yes the cartoon is awsome!!  Seems like hard times are part of the procedure...Thanks for your sympathy though...
  • bemuzic

    ah right it's two poles!..thought it was just one piece. Yeah the Meranti I got was from some offcuts at Ridgeons. £3 and I can get two necks out of it so I thought that was a bargain?!
  • Uncle John

    Andy,   Thanks for your comments on Milk Cow Blues.  I just looked through your photos.  I like a lot of your stuff.   Like your builds and you give me artist envy.   I played my one remaining 4 string mandolin yesterday.  It has never been 'right'.  I am doing several simultaneous projects and one is long scale mandolin.  Probably 18-20 inches, but tuned natural GDAE.   Maybe the longer scale will help me get better intonation. 

  • Keni Lee Burgess

    Thank you Andy for joining my group. Feel free to write if you have any questions. Please check out my instructional video CDs. Enjoy your practice.

  • Carl Howe

    Lol thanks bud,im all new to this CBG so any tip advise would be most welcome. I seen a you tube vid of one of the members off here who made a one sting diddley bow n thought wow i can do that lol just need a plank of wood an old tabbaco tin a string n pick ups but not sure about the pick ups to put in a tin oh and im a lefty but seeing as how bemuzic played it with a stick n a slide i guess that does not matter.
  • bemuzic

    thanks Andy, yep there are more in the pipeline : -)......
  • Carl Howe

    Cheers bud guess where im heading off to , after i knock off work in the morning lol yep my local guitar shop to start my new path on the cbg oh n dissmantle a chep pallet lol. Many many thanks looking forwards to this.
  • David Tutterrow GutBucketGuitars

    Hey, Andy. Not much on this end. Just building and trying to learn to play the darn things. How are things over there? Staying out of trouble I hope.
  • Elmar Zeilhofer

    thx for your commennt Andy :-)
  • Mike Bingham

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks for the comment on my first kalimba build.  Yew the metal is for pinging.  The metal strips are played with the thumbs to get a music box type sound from it.  Here's a link to a video showing a talented player playing a kalimba.  (It's not me playing.)
  • Donald Jack

    Hey, Andy, good to hear from you. I saw a CBG in the music shop in church street a couple of weeks ago and thought, shucks, I should try making one. Just Bout completed second and well hooked.
  • bemuzic

    er, I didn't get it : -/

  • bemuzic

    thanks Andy, glad you got it ok : -)

  • alan payne

    Thanks Andy, I live in Lossiemouth.

  • Paul Gibson

    Hi Andy, thanks lol, i wanted to start my own guitar company but the name has already gone lol !

  • jala

     for the motoguitar  it's not me the autor, thats the man and his passion

    living in the94 val de marne france

    his site: