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  • Jeffery Scott Musser

    From what I am seeing, you are working on my tuning. I will eventually build a cigar box, with 4 strings tuned DBGD, because I'm a reformed banjo player, who plays tenor and plectrum guitars in that key. I also play dobro in two sets of G, but I have the most horrible time of transferring what I know fro the dobro to bottle neck guitar. changing from looking over the the fingerboard while it lying flat with that heavy bar, to a bottle neck vertically, really throws me off. I wack the thing on the frets, and it sounds like hell. Let me know what you have for trying to tame this. I have a real nice "Tenorcaster" that would work well for what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm guessing, I'd have to have a riser that jumps over the bridge to be able to play slide cleanly. Point me in the right direction!

  • Zeb

    Finally retired now. Thinking about guitars again. I have projects to finish. I went to Bethlehem Pa for a inlay course. Need to get back into it. Finish My inlay projects. I have an old LYS. Old Godin from the 1980s. I refinished the top. Had water damage. Seems to still be straight. I want to upgrade the dots.  Maybe use the flower inlay or something. LYS means Lilly In French.  What iconic inlay from Canada would be appropriate

  • Zeb

    That LYS was made in about 1983 before the factory caught fire. It's a nice Guitar. X braced like a un-scalloped brace Martin. Large sized scale. Built like a tank.

     I want to add a pick up and get it playing. Need to do the inlay.