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Albuquerque, NM

United States

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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
I had to have carpul tunnel surgery, and I couldn't play guitar for a while, so while I was layed up recovering with some Youtube vids, I saw a guy pull out a CBG, and I had never seen one before or really heard anything about them, so about twenty min later, I was hunting down materials, and now I'm hooked, just completed my second one, and starting on my third.

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  • Uncle John

    Delbert!    The twangy good git in the park guy with a great name.   I'm glad to have you for a nation friend.

  • Doug Thorsvik


    The last template I printed was done with wFret on my Windows laptop. I am currently using a MacBook Pro with Parallels (so I can use WindowsXP, Office 2007, and some other Windows programs); so that is how I will use wFret on the Mac next time I need to print a template. Parallels works great and gives me the best of both worlds!



  • James Bush

    Hi Delbert , nice build, looks like a great start. we will have to get together and jam sometime. I live on the NW of ABQ.