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Thanks for that Brian,

I'm going to try that out.

I've been looking here at the Noisy Cricket mark II. There's all sorts of stuff around this amp on the web, and my plan ir to try your Ruby and if I'm as pleased with it as I think I will be, then I'll try and all singing all dancing version of the cricket with battery and wall wart power, internal and external speaker and other options.

What I love about 386 amps is that they sound OK through small speakers, but can still drive my 2 x 12 Celestion green backs.


Yes,  I’m familiar with & have built the noisy cricket? Beavis’ site was down this past year, I’m glad to see Dano got it back up? The ol’ high pass filter on the input ploy works very well, try it on the output, it works just as good?  Also try it with the capacitor feeding the tone pot, to make a low pass filter? Actually you can tack on that Tone pot/capacitor combination between the Volume pot & Input capacitor on my layout, just like the noisy cricket? Too bad Radio Shack went out of business, I liked those IC circuit boards? FYI- I like to use SIP sockets for the capacitors, so I can change them to fine tune the tone? Happy building :)

ll good stuff, Thanks again.

I'm in the UK and went bananas yesterday trying to find that Radio Shack board. The closest one I found to me was in Vancouver. Then today, a seller popped up on It looks identical and has the same RS part number on it. They are about $2.50 each. Let me know if you need any

I had a small Behringer 10watt guitar amp in a closed cabinet with a 6"speaker several years ago. It was made onto a PCB board and burned up about 7 months after I bought it. I removed the board and bad transformer and built my own Ruby amp and I love it. It reminds me of a Fender Champ. I use a different JFET than you do at the input circuit(MPF102), it offers a different tonal input.

The "Bassman Mod" is also a good add on. The input cap(.047) can be put on a 2-way mini toggle with a .1 cap on the other side for Bassman type tones for guitar and also enable good results for playing bass through this amp.

Not really a lot of difference between the Ruby and the Noisy Cricket amp except the Noisy cricket has the added Tone circuit and a Fuzz type effect connected to the output. I didn't care much for the Fuzz effect, just didn't sound right to me. The added Tone circuit does a little, but it needs a change in tone cap I think.

I made a Dual Chip Ruby style Bridged Chip Amp based on the Ruby and the Beavis Tuffnel Distortion pedal. I really has a Fuzz style Distortion to it that's really too much and the volume seems to be inadequate. Wanted to deal with it more, but just moved on to other projects and left it alone. I mounted it in a old Crate amp I had that quit working due to PCB burnout. It has 2 - 6" speakers in it. Distortion and Fuzz are great, but too much is too much. Of course everybody's idea of "too much" is different.

Yes, I originally had built it with an MPF102 Jfet, but they have been out of manufacture for more than 7 years & the market is filled with fakes, so I updated it with a modern Jfet that aren’t obsolete yet? Also J111 & J113 work good as replacements? Have you tried moving the buffer section on the output instead of the input, it’s pretty interesting? 

I had heard about the manufacturing being stopped, but heard that supplies were still in stock. May be fakes or clones. I got about 10 from Smallbear when I last ordered and also got 10 of the ones you used. Also heard that the 386 chip were being phased out.

I haven't moved the filter to the output circuit, got a schematic for that? I could probably use something like that on the Dual Chip amp.

Basically, you just tack the buffer onto the output of the circuit, before the speaker?

Yeah, my thoughts were before the output cap(220) or after.

I built a Ruby for a friend in a speaker cab with a WGS 4ohm 10watt Veteran speaker, it rocked. Their Veteran speaker(American voiced) go for about 40 bucks - 4 to 8 ohm 10 watts for the 8" and 10" speakers. Their "Green Beret"(British voiced) speakers are 8"/10"/12" - 4 to 8 ohm at 20watts, but they're up around 60 to 70 bucks. Sound good though.

Yes, they are still out there, and pricey, I used to be a regular customer of his 15 years ago, but I don’t like paying retail for surplus parts. I’m not a hobbyist, so I buy my parts wholesale. I’m  always open to trying new stuff, quality of fets has been advancing rapidly in the last 15 years, so there’s a lot of better Jfets out there these days. “ Evolution is Progress, Don’t become Obsolete”  got that from a great teacher. 

Everybody thought the tubes would disappear for good, but thank GOD they didn't.

I have that Noisy Cricket with a tube schematic if you need it. I downloaded a lot of schematics from Beavis Audio(Heh heh), ROG and General Gadgets. Lots of pedals and a couple opamps in there.

I’ve built that noisy cricket you’re talking about & the Ruby-tubey a few times, it gets wild, depending on the tube? Yes, I have known the guys at ROG & JD sleep for some time as well as Dano from Beavis, they have some good projects that help lots of beginners? I like the LM 386 with big speakers, it sounds terrible through anything under 5 watts IMO?


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