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  • Amy O'Donnell

    Hi JL,

    I am going to visit the shop this week and ask him about pricing. I have no interest in becoming a middle man, but Dan Sleep emailed me from his sick bed expressing interest, so he has first dibs. I want a few myself, but not the whole lot.

    Once I get pricing, I will let both of you know how he wants to proceed. I asked him via email about bulk versus single sales. I don't want to give his contact info to the Nation and have him have to answer the same questions repeatedly, if you get my drift. I will send the shop contact info to you after I've given him a heads up. I'm also hoping to get a pix of the stack of chests, but because of his other inventory, he may not feel comfortable with that. There are friggin cameras everywhere.

    Also, as you can imagine, this is not a one-time deal. He gets these every month.

  • Amy O'Donnell

    P.S. I made you my friend, but I have no idea how to send a private message.
  • Moritz Voegeli

    JL hi, I liked your comment about style and tact, «from the timid to the tactful to the brutally frank»: you could add: from eloquent to foreigners who only with difficulties write a comment with all ten fingers in a dictionary: the last you learn in a foreign language is ease and humor...