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United States

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  • Bad Finger (Eric)

    Happy to send you the bottle caps and sent you an e-mail.  I'll put some in a mailer.  I plan to cover a stomper with them eventually, but I have plenty for that.

  • Bad Finger (Eric)

    Stomper: See also, foot drum, Mississippi drum machine
  • Bad Finger (Eric)

    Thanks for the offer of the stomper-jangle-maker-thingy.  I planned on just adding the caps to recessed spaces on the stomper lid for decoration and maybe some set up like zils on a tambourine.  It will be amped using a speaker or piezo for a pickup/microphone.

    Tellyawhat.  I'll send you the caps I got and if you would like to make something or anything in return with some of what is leftover after your Magic Hat basket is done, then I will be a happy guy.  Except a barnacle scraper for a boat.  Because I don't live on the ocean and don't have a boat.  But pretty much anything else would be OK.  Or a duck wrangler.  I don't have ducks, but if I did they would be free range.  So anything but those two things.  Hopefully you will have enough caps for another project for yourself as well.  :)