• Building a 3-pole single coil pickup

    Hi All. I'm busy trying my hand out at building a 3-pole single coil pickup for my next CBG (probably a Steampunk). I have started the construction of the bobbin and am using 3 Alnico 5 pole pieces. I have built a jig for putting on the 42AWG copper wire onto the bobbin. I bought a Chinese-made…

    By Ian

  • Baritone Slide Guitar

    Greetings,I build three string fretless slide guitars with a 25.5 scale length (pictured). My questions is that I have a request for a 30" scale baritone version and was wondering what strings to use and what tuning you all might recommend?I currently use the Shane Seal 3 String Acoustics from CB…

    By Jim Booth

  • Truss rod?

    If you have ever added a truss rod to your CBG, what were the circumstances and why did you add it? Does some strings require a truss rod?

    By Engblom

  • Pickup type and placement

    The CBG I am going to build will mainly be played acoustically without any amp. It might even be that I will never ever use any amp at all. Still I am considering to add a pickup just in case I would end up playing somewhere were the acoustic sound is not enough. Adding one at the building stage…

    By Engblom

  • Making a Loud CBG

    While planning to build a CBG I am reading a lot of theory and I came across a MIT paper about sound hole shapes (https://news.mit.edu/2015/violin-acoustic-power-0210). The paper is for violins, but I think the same principles stand…

    By Engblom

  • Banjo Mandolin [skin] to mandolin [wood] top conversion

    The sound of this is over in the videos...…

    By Taffy Evans


    For any of the new folks here on the Nation every Christmas we compile a FREE DOWNLOAD ALBUM…

    By Slowpaw Steve T

  • Parlor build slide show with same guitar soundtrack

    Hi, a condensed slide show of the building of a Parlor guitar. The top is Cedar, and the back and sides are New Guinee Rosewood as is the neck with a Rosewood fingerboard.The accompanying music is me playing that same guitar.https://youtu.be/ytpiIHq23GEI…

    By Taffy Evans

  • Using low E, A and D strings?

    I am trying to find any video where someone has taken the 3 lowest strings (E, A and D) from a full set and then put them on an acoustic cigar box guitar and tuned them to DAD or EBE. I would want to know what they would sound like. Do you know about a such video or could you upload a such video?

    By Engblom

  • Discussion: Toothpick Frets?

    My supervisor has asked me to build him a CBG, which I'm only too happy to do.  Thing is, my first two I used metal frets which were a royal PIA, so I was thinking of making…

    By Habanera Hal