• String attachment place

    All "normal" guitars have the strings attached at the saddle, right behind the bridge while most CBG seems to have a similar attachment as the violin (where the attachment point is behind the soundboard as a normal saddle attachment would rip off the cigar box lid).I can not find any cigar boxes in…

    By Engblom

  • Restoration of a Regal 1930s Domino guitar. with video

    Hi, this guitar was also left with me as it was too expensive for the customer to have the considerable amount of work done that was needed to make the guitar stable and playable. My aim was not to fully restore, but just do what was needed while still keeping the war wounds of age visible. Keeping…

    By Taffy Evans

  • Truss rod?

    If you have ever added a truss rod to your CBG, what were the circumstances and why did you add it? Does some strings require a truss rod?

    By Engblom

  • Building a 3-pole single coil pickup

    Hi All. I'm busy trying my hand out at building a 3-pole single coil pickup for my next CBG (probably a Steampunk). I have started the construction of the bobbin and am using 3 Alnico 5 pole pieces. I have built a jig for putting on the 42AWG copper wire onto the bobbin. I bought a Chinese-made…

    By Ian

  • Baritone Slide Guitar

    Greetings,I build three string fretless slide guitars with a 25.5 scale length (pictured). My questions is that I have a request for a 30" scale baritone version and was wondering what strings to use and what tuning you all might recommend?I currently use the Shane Seal 3 String Acoustics from CB…

    By Jim Booth

  • Pickup type and placement

    The CBG I am going to build will mainly be played acoustically without any amp. It might even be that I will never ever use any amp at all. Still I am considering to add a pickup just in case I would end up playing somewhere were the acoustic sound is not enough. Adding one at the building stage…

    By Engblom

  • Making a Loud CBG

    While planning to build a CBG I am reading a lot of theory and I came across a MIT paper about sound hole shapes (https://news.mit.edu/2015/violin-acoustic-power-0210). The paper is for violins, but I think the same principles stand…

    By Engblom

  • Banjo Mandolin [skin] to mandolin [wood] top conversion

    The sound of this is over in the videos...…

    By Taffy Evans


    For any of the new folks here on the Nation every Christmas we compile a FREE DOWNLOAD ALBUM…

    By Slowpaw Steve T

  • Parlor build slide show with same guitar soundtrack

    Hi, a condensed slide show of the building of a Parlor guitar. The top is Cedar, and the back and sides are New Guinee Rosewood as is the neck with a Rosewood fingerboard.The accompanying music is me playing that same guitar.https://youtu.be/ytpiIHq23GEI…

    By Taffy Evans