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  • rodney fruits

    Thanks for the kind words and all the likes! Glad i took a look at your pics, you have some great stuff in here.

  • James Bush

    Liked your intro video, keep playing the blues my friend!

  • Phill Hill Charlie

    Hey you... i'm very glad to be one of your new friend... many thanks for adding...i'm honored you r a great guitar player...

    have fun n good time here and everywhere else...°<[:-) [---]==={...

  • Muddy Creek Guitars

    Thanks for the friend request!
  • Loco

    Love your 6 string Guitars ! Will be following them more as I begin my first 6 string build. Wish me luck, I may need to bug you for some tips!


  • Frank Neal

    Thanks for the friend request and the link! do you make any tailpieces for sale?

  • Richey Kay

    С Днем Рождения, капитанv ;-)

  • Phil Goud

    Hi !

    Your album is great !

    I am a cigarbox lover but I was before a classical guitar player  : when will you  edit the tabs for these awesome music parts ?

    It would be marvellous !

    Thanks a lot !

  • bemuzic

    ah cool, will download it : -)

  • Mike Andress

     Wow Great Music !!! I believe that this Album will silence the guitar snobs that don't think Cigar box guitars are legitimate.  Thank You Sir for your contribution to music.