Richard Sundberg


Monterey, CA

United States

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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
From a member. Dennis Reedy
How many instruments have you built so far?
What do you find most interesting about cigar box guitars? (If you do not enter something meaningful here, your membership may be rejected).
I am a six string guitar player interested in the great sound of the cigar box guitar

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  • A.D.EKER

    Believe its all running smoothly, is vryday or saterday the last day of the fest ?  im having some Buffalo from the BBQ whit Rex ! your doing a great job ! must be hectic in the central Hub !!


    Youtubing for Dave's music and getting linked to yourself was another great find, not being one for commercial radio while working in my workshop over here in the U.K I now can listen to play that house of cards, (how bluesy is that) and what a guitar tone;-) I feel like I've been to San Francisco and yes It is a Mad World, but in a Richard Sundberg Kind of way, great videos, great music and please keep posting, because somewhere in the world there's somebody enjoying your music.  


    Seriously, the pleasure is all mine, It is me listening to you and there is still alot more of your youtube vid s to watch.

    Cheers Richard.