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Industry, IL

United States

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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
Attended a CBG building workshop with Glenn Kaiser. He recommended the site to get more information.

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  • Bjorn Damsgaard

    Thanks for your friendly comment.

  • Bluesheart

    Nice to meet you. Got some nice work going on, lucky that your wife supports your efforts too.

  • Bluesheart

    I like your sign!

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks for your comment

  • darren brown

    thanks man

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Very old friend. We've known each other for about 50 years

  • CanJoe*John

    Thanks for the kind birthday wishes. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  • Andy Eight Spades CBG

    Thank you, sir!

  • Rich

    Thanks. Im finding lots of strange boxes. I live in Iceland and during the war they had an American army base here and the Americans would sell banned items to the locals. If you go to the farms they are full of interesting boxes and things from that time. Seen a few cadillacs as well. 

  • Jeff Vayda

    Hello.. Thank you for the Positive Comments!  I Love to make them! The all wood box was a consignment build. It really put me though the ringer. But in the end it was one of my best looking and best sounding CBG's so far.  Happy Holidays. Jeff V

  • Joe Caruso

    My new "addiction" you say? I agree!!! Thanks for the welcome message.
  • Jeff Vayda

    Happy New Year!

  • james taze bennett

    user name taz(975) thanks

  • james taze bennett

    Hello again. Just to let you know i sold two of the three guitars i had on ebay.two out of three not to bad i guess.

  • Spence's Rye

    Thx for the add!
  • nailtown slim

    Thanks mate, I like your builds also, tell you what, why don't we start a mutual admiration society?

  • sebien

    merci ton avis..

  • Scruggy

    Cheers thanks, hopefully get my first build up soon!!

  • Rob Uker

    I enjoyed looking over your pictures.

    What are the soup cans with the burlap covers?

  • Papa D

    Love it ,, Tons of Kool stuff, Great Builds

  • MancaGuitars

    Hey pal, tnx a lot for so great unwaited welcome.... amazing community is this indeed.

    Been involved in this during last 4 years, i know it's belong simply an addiction i can't stop.

    By the way.... great job i see in your pics, go on the right way...

  • gary sheldon

    Thanks for the welcome and I'll check out EBAY for cigar labels.


  • A.D.EKER

    Hi there! Thanks Muddy,Got a new one out there, for ye, when i look at the pictures you are selling them by the bushel ? Greeeetszzz.A.D.

  • Rat Nasty

    Thanks for the comments Muddy, I'm always trying to findnew ways to use old stuff I find around the house.

  • Matthew Borczon

    Thanks for the kind comment. I switched jobs about 3 months ago and all of those have been built since that time, plus one cigar box dulcimer. It is nice to get off 3rd shift and finally get time for my hobbies again. I appreciate your taking the time to look.....matt

  • EarthLvr71

    A Beatles tune? lol. There are so many. For starters maybe Norwegian Wood? So many good songs though. :) That would definitely be one of the first. 



  • EarthLvr71

    How about chords, tabs and the translation of same. I love the little bridges so don't forget those. :)

  • A.D.EKER

    What Picture do you mean,the one all soaped up? I was thinking about Zappa ,to bee exsact, and Jimmie Carl Black the Indian of the groep, i have this record sleve ,MotherMania the best of the Mothers,whit all the members pictures facial cut out pictures,

    and that is what i was thinking about MUDDY My man!! greetszzzz Thanks for respons!

  • James

    thank you very much !!!

  • Bobby O'Neal

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  • Donna

    Thank you for the birthday wish!

  • Skinny Gumbo

    Thanks. I'm new to the site and the builds. I enjoy your builds as well.
  • Spence's Rye

    thx for your comment on the CB fiddle pic!

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks for your comments

  • Richey Kay

    Happy birthday Muddy!

  • Cpt. Nemoff

    Album Notes
    Cigar Box Guitar and classical music met again after 150 years!

    In the middle of XIX century there were musicians who classical pieces performed on homemade instruments such as Cigar Box Guitar. But, unfortunately, there are no records of these unique 
    performances did not survive. How do sounds classical music of the Renaissance on cigar box guitar? 

    "Das Wohltemperirte Cigar Box Guitar" Album ( translation: Well-Tempered sigar box guitar ) was recorded in a home studio by Eugene Nemov. 

    The list of works you will see all the familiar songs and names of composers such as Franz Shubert, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Albinoni and names of familiar music lovers Renaissance: Pascal Bouquet and Francesco da Milano.

    Pascal Bouquet - French lutenist, he lived in XV-th century. Pascal Bouquet composed many excellent works for lute and baroque guitar. Musical notations this musician survived to this day. "Brande des Hermites" and "Volte Praetorius" - it's two works from the collection of popular dances of France, Pascal Bouquet written specifically for learning to play the lute. 

    Francesco Canova da Milano (Italian Francesco Canova da Milano) - Italian Renaissance lute, one of the major European composers XVI veka.Franchesko Canova da Milano is one of the best composers of lute music, and possibly greatest lute virtuoso of all time. His work, and the amazing beauty of a consistently high level, and are often performed today. 

    Just the album includes two copyright works Eugene Nemov - "French dance" and "English dance". They are written in a popular style of lute music of the Renaissance .

    All works have been performed at 3-string classic guitars from cigar boxes, made by Eugene Nemov. Description and images of these instruments You can see on the site and personal Evgeny Nemov page on the ;


  • A.D.EKER

    Hi there Muddy,Just found out today that the Great Blues Guitarist Johnny Winter past away in juli the 14 This  Year in Zwitserland in a Hotel in Zurich ,Age 70,What a Pitty Now i will never see him play Live! The Great Blues Albino! what a Shame, He Supoost to have a new record out whit all these colaborations,heard any yet? and how about his new docu; Down & Dirty Whit  JW, Well so you know ! Sad Day!  Greeettssszzz A.D.

  • Norris Arnn

    Thanks MCG,

  • richard p robinson

    Thanks for your fine compliment! Got more coming :-)
  • Glenn Kaiser

    Thanks much! So cool to see all you've done w. cbgs! Keep crankin' 'em out, really fun to see you pics and all here in CBN. -Glenn

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    It's that Pick messing with your mind,everybody knows martians can't be caught with a fishing line,you need to play them Slim Whitman songs

  • Rodrigo Ventura

    Thank you very much for the comment Muddy!

  • Rodrigo Ventura

    Thanks Muddy!

    Have a great day!

  • Gary Wiese

    Thanks for the comment Muddy creek Guitars. Turned out better than I thought it would. Sounds pretty good for a 32" piece of 2X4. 

  • Krista

    Wow your guitars and all your work is fantastic! Hope you have a lovely weekend :D

  • Spence's Rye

    Thx for your comments on the pics!  Best wishes.

  • Rodrigo Ventura

    Thanks for the comment!

  • Jittery Jay

    Thanks for the add, checking out your work and like what I see

  • A.D.EKER

    Thanks muddy for the Nice Comment ! Greeeeettsszzz A.D.

  • John

    Likewise, man! Thanks for the comments. I hope everything is going well!?!?! Keep on rockin'! :O)