Gary Simkins


Oceanside, CA

United States

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  • Mister Scott

    You know how they say no food tastes better than the one you cook yourself? Trust me, a homemade bass will sound much better than one you off another member. Just my two cents.


  • Mister Scott

    You're absolutely right that it takes a solid number of builds, possibly into the double digits, before you start building with a strong degree of consistency. I'm on my 8th build and I have a long way to go. I can see your point that someone more into playing than building might want to skip the trouble, though.

    If you look at my pictures, you can see the Pearl Caddy, my latest build. It's a 4-string built using bass elements (a 24" bass neck, acoustic bass nut, bass bridge elements, etc etc) that I imagine can be somewhat easily tuned up with bass strings. See what you think of it.

  • Tom Lanford

    Thanks for the invite Gary!