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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
Shane Speal
How many instruments have you built so far?
Lost count?
What do you find most interesting about cigar box guitars? (If you do not enter something meaningful here, your membership may be rejected).
How many famous musicians have started on them

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  • A.D.EKER

    Thanks for your kind comments there Brian@ appriciated, i know your your own man! stay that way! im past those days i think was in jail one time to many for illigal plastering posters & graffity ,but it whoed do real nice in a screen print your right ! and now and then you got to blow out the dust ! be reading you !auuu on fire !! allmost shaved it yesterday, but changed my mind in time! greeeeettsszzz A.D.

  • Peter Answer

    Thanks BrianQ. I am looking forward to learning from the community.

  • A.D.EKER

    Thanks BQ still wonder why i never done it before ,had the plate before only a quarter in size ,this one is even globe shaped

  • Norma Griner

    Thank you so much,  I can't wait to get home and go through the list.  I have had the box for several years and just refound it this past weekend.  The receipts are such a treasure in our family.  But every time I see the box, we live in Georgia, it adds a chapter to his story.  

  • A.D.EKER

    Started fretting to day! but still needs a bunch a work to get it right, inlay fretmarkers,a fjew more layers of lacker ,skrewing it all together, and most inportend  stringing it up ! thanks for the like !

  • Edward McCarthy

    Thanks much for the warm welcome!

    I'm pretty new to the whole CBG thing. My first "build" was literally a kit I only had to wire it up. Currently, I'm learning to play this thing.

    In addition, I'm collecting items now for my first scratch build. I've been online searching for ideas because I love building stuff.

    My wife is wondering why I'm so giddy look on the old inter-web, Then she looks at the websites I'm checking out, thinking I might be look at scantly clad women. Then she says, cigar boxes? Really? Shakes her head and walks away.

    Anyway, I really digging this. I see how this can become an addiction from so many angles.  Looking forward to building and playing!

  • A.D.EKER

    Thanks for the like on the Poster Brian ! Appriciated !

  • gary miller

    thanks  i have attempted to learn conventional guitar over the years but never truly got it. so i am  not a guitar player. but, i have already learned to play "wild thing on the cigar box. pretty cool, small steps. but steps none the less. thanks again for the add. gary

  • Dan Whitepath

    Thanks Brian.  I am looking forward to making good use of that resources tab and learning lots of new stuff here.  

  • Stephen A Aquila

    Hi Brian and Thanks for the post. I have one on the workbench and getting the feel for designing on the fly, so far I love it.

    This is a rough cut of my back access panel 

  • kevin douglas

    Thanks Bryan,I am in the early stages of planning and building a mandolin,I have the wood the tools and plenty of time.

    best wishes


  • A.D.EKER

    Hi ! i have looked on Youtube nothing there,that i can find, on the contest, i know i did not win but i was just qurious who did ? whit what build just to see , what the Jury selected ! thanks in advance for the update ,i dont have Facebook!! you say there are gone be more anousments? 

  • Bruno

    Thanks for the welcome BrianQ!  I certainly do intend on making the most of the whole site... Thanks again

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Hi Brian.

    The scale length is 650 tuned cgcg.

    The timber came from a demolished conservatory, they were replacing it with a plastic one. It pays to get to know local builders. Not sure what the wood is , some mahogany substitute.Finished with Danish oil.

    My wife bought a few of those printed metal plates thinking they would make interesting guitar fronts.

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Sorry Brian talking rubbish, was thinking about the copper 4 string, that is 650 tuned gdg

  • Wilda Connell

    Thank you for the nice welcome!

  • A.D.EKER

    here you Go ! dont miss use it now ! GREEtszz AD

  • Liza Nicklin

    Hi Brian, many thanks for the encouragement. I'm happy to be here! Would you believe that about 10 days ago, I'd never heard of CBGs - I had no idea!!! It was instant love and I set out learning as much as I can. Within a couple of days I bought some tools, some boxes etc and set to work right away walking my way through my first one! It's been an exciting week! Thank you for sharing some names for me to explore.

  • Lappy

    Thanks Brian

  • Southern Ray

     I've been looking at that schematic and looked it up online. Looks like I I have everything but the 2u2 cap. Looking forward to that article, Brian. You rock!

  • Lappy

    Thanks Brian!

  • Michael O'Reilly

    OMG...this is all too much (trying to catch up) & participate on a digital level.  I'll mess around with it more - but what I really WANT to do is build more Guitars.  This is really encouraging to see all the people doing this Retro Art Form. 


    Thanks BrianQ! Yes, I've been trying for a few weeks already to no avail.  Every time I post, it disappears.  And when I go into edit, my original post is gone as well.

    If you can read this, let me know, I can notify the mods about it.  

    Thanks again brother,


  • JeffreyFB

    An Apprehension Engine is a horror movie sound effects instrument. It features a three string guitar, a hurdy gurdy wheel, and other sound effects devices. I've included a YouTube video of the original machine played by its creator.

  • BriceM

    Thank you Brian !

  • Kevin Whalen

    Thank you

  • A.D.EKER

    Thank you for your Kind comments on the Mutant Guitar gif,  see where your coming from, it is verry much inspired by art , and all the stuf on the nation is mostly catagorised as folk-art anyway so i dont see the special disticktion, but  i will probebly not fall in the catagory anyway's  ,after reading the rules again in a nations mail from Gitty it has to bee a mutant between two instruments, and allthow the paint brush is a instrument in a way , its one for painting and not for sound allthow that is produced aswell when rolling the paint but my intensions are from a diverend Nature anyway ! but i see you like it and i thank you for your kind words on the subject ! greeeeetsszz A.D.

  • Lorenzojose

    Hi. Thanks for the,howdy.

    when I click on the Essentials links I get notices of expired security certificates and that the site may be trying to steal my personal info.

    maybe a site moderator should look into that.

    thanks, Lorenzo.

  • James Taze Bennett

    true enough.

  • Peter Bryenton

    Thanks for your welcome Brian.

    I'll beat a couple of my Chromebook's IT gremlins into submission, then I'll have a look around.



  • Bear

    Thank you so much. Good to be part of this
  • Shaun

    Thank you so much!!


  • kenny williams

    Thank ya much Brian

  • Wayne Waddington

    thanks I will building 2 of the kits with my grade kids and will start making my own boxes soon after.  

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks for the comment Brian, as for being a keeper, it's getting crowded in here!

  • Craig Stewart

    Thank you for the add, I have been following this page for some time and have found it very useful and informative.

    Regards, Craig

  • Dr George Melvyn Ella

    Thank you BrianQ for the invitation. I need a guided tour as I cannot find my way around. I tried to show what I was doing but was only given 140 words. How do I sign in? How do I find postage costs for Germany? At present, I buy Gitty's things from Amazon de.


  • Dr George Melvyn Ella

    Dear Brian, 

    Thankyou for your advice but when I click on HTML Editor the window merely shrinks or grows bigger. I find things, however, by chance such as this column and I have seen wonderful videosw but I have no idea of how the system works and how I can get to where I want to go at once. I would like to show you a picture of my new homemade guitar but though you told me 'This is the way to do it', I did not descover the way.

    I am content to fiddle around but would really like some system to follow.


  • r.j. hassler

    thanks brian , i will look into that , r.j.

  • r.j. hassler

    thanks brian, i bought these guitars on  etsy , dont know how to find any local builders , shane speal isnt to far away but i dont know if he and his family are feeling better or if he does that kind of work. plus , i can not figure out my way around here, i dont post much or do social media . is there a way i can find a local builder for help ? thanks again , r.j.

  • Dr George Melvyn Ella

    Thanks Brian,

    I wrongly clicked on the editor before writing, not after. As I have macular degeneration and Parkinson's and cannot read normal print and using a mouse is difficult, sometimes impossible, it is rather awkward for me to get about. I am thrilled, however, with what the Cigar Boy Nation produces and organises and can blow up most things on my computer. I copy the tabs, then with aid of a large magnifying glass, into a note book in a far larger size. In this way I get by quite nicely. I am most thankful for the patriotic American songs. Though I am a German citizen, my great-grandfather left for Alabama to help the Confederates in the Irish Brigade and, as he was a farrier, he helped build up the cavalry. My grandma was born and grew up in Alabama., her 'sweet home'. She had to leave for England to marry her cousin as there were few young men still alive in 'Sweet Home Alabama' after the war.


  • The Cigar Box Guitar Store

    Thanks for the good luck wishes for this year's festival. Last year was lightly attended as everyone was kept outdoors and spread out in circles on the lawn. We're hoping the added instrument building activities for kids helps bring CBG awareness and appreciation amongst more families. 

  • Chip Mautz

    Thanks for the welcome!  I am currently searching for a 3 or 4 string electric cigar box guitar, so I can play some "Samantha Fish" style blues...

  • Seyr Lemos

    Thank you for the welcome! Looking forward to building some CBG!!!

  • Brent McNabb


       Thanks for the welcome.  The website is great!  I love all the resources.  I've already learned quite a bit without building a thing.  The 2x4 lap steel appears easy.  I'll have to try it first.  - Brent McNabb BME


    Thank you for your comment, looking forward to being part of a community that I share the same interest in 

  • Tony Thomas MFA


  • Paul Jarrett

    Thank you. tHERE BE ALOT GOIN ON HERE!

  • Wayne Anderson

    Thanks for letting me know.

  • SmokingNotesCBG

    Thanks BrianQ!