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  • Randy S. Bretz

    hey Carlton thx for the friend invite and welcome to the nation. Yeah thats a cool lookin stringed instrument...looks like it`s from a saz...heac you should drop a piezo bridge on and use it for a d-bow.

  • South Paw,Davey

    Where did you get all the Cort Guitars? I have one I dragged it half way around the world plays great. although now i need to re fret it good cheep guitar!

  • South Paw,Davey

    I go aroun 2nd hand shops try tobbacco shops. But you got a s~'t load of made and freet neaks You can sell them!! and inport you boxes;-)

  • South Paw,Davey

    Freted even Just one more Guinness

  • South Paw,Davey

    You will get good vibes with them I am sure you can sell or swap here on the nation what you dont build. Plenty people in UK, Irland

  • Lonman

    Thanks for the invite Carlton- nice builds you have.

  • NightOwl

    Thanks for the invite! Thanks for the comments on my song.
  • Jess

    Thanks for the friend request Carlton. Good to have a friend in Ireland.  I like your creations.  Jess

  • Jess

    Carlton:  I don't know which I like most, the Chevy pickup or the 'Trumpet'.

  • Chuck Cobillas

    It looks like we may also have a passion for motorcycles as well??

  • Vinylhed

    Cheers for the comments and friend request. It's always good to make another friend on the Nation.

  • Tim

    Yeah, like I said, it is a dream.  Maybe some day life will let me afford it! lol...

  • Crimson Toad

    Thanx for the friend request Carlton, i see some very beautiful pics of guitars and motorcycles as well as a sweet lookin gmc p-cup...I see your from Ireland, I'm lucky to be half irish...cheers Cameron

  • bemuzic

    hi, thanks for the friend add...luckily Matt is coming back to play in the same pub in Cambridge in July so we should catch him then : -)

  • Don McCann

    Thanks for the friend request. Great job on the guitars and the bikes. I would like to build some bikes myself, love the 650 yamaha choppers and I might have to have a Trike as well.

    I see that you are from Ireland, very Cool. I'm of Irish ancestry myself on both sides. From what I've learned the McCann's were from County Ulster area. I'd like to visit Ireland some day, it looks like it would be a great place to tour on a motorcycle.

  • Uncle John

    Hi Carlton,  Like your gits, bikes and vids.  Glad to have you for a nation friend.


  • Noisemaker59

    Hey Carlton, Thanks for the kind words & friend request.  Impressive builds you got there on your page!



  • Roadkill a.k.a. John Maw

    Thanks Carlton. What a coincidence. Let me know if you are headed this way again.

    All the best.


  • Jim Junksville Sharkey

    Thanks Carlton, soon as its finished I'll post a video up of it. Sounds like you had fun in the UK!! I to love these gutars, just finished building my own website if you fancy a look, its  even though I love playing and building these I'm actualy a double bass player...may go well with the harp!!

  • Jim Junksville Sharkey

    Cheers Carlton, funny that, as after all the builds the Lumbercaster is still my favourite, just can't bring my self to sell it..........yet!!

    All the best


  • Roosterman

    Hey man,

    Glad ya enjoying the vids. Must admit I aint been playing much lately but might have to pick it up again before this years Boxstock festival.

    Lovely trike by the way - must get round to building one / buying one this year



  • Jamie MacBlues

    Ta for friends request,Carlton, ma man. Smoke Fairies all over youtube  :

    You will also get their CDs on Amazon, and i tunes.

    Home page for Fairies :

    Cheers, Jamie


  • Jamie MacBlues

  • Dave Lynas

    Thanks for the friendship. You do great work and have nice bikes too. 

  • Mike Bingham

    Thanks for the friend invitation! I am glad to call you friend.  Thanks also for the comment on Electric Ride.  I tried to play it a couple of days ago and couldn't remember part of it.  Going to have to listen to it and figure it out again. See Ya!

  • Mike Bingham

    Thanks Carlton!  I've been playing those old licks since the 80's but decided to try them with the kick drum. See ya!

  • Jim Junksville Sharkey

    Thanks for the offer of laying down the harp on the track Carlton, I'll sort out a wave file for you at some stage. How do I send it you? I've got hotmail which has something called skydrive where you can store big files?