Baritone Slide Guitar


I build three string fretless slide guitars with a 25.5 scale length (pictured). My questions is that I have a request for a 30" scale baritone version and was wondering what strings to use and what tuning you all might recommend?

I currently use the Shane Seal 3 String Acoustics from CB Gitty tuned to open G. 

Thanks in advance, Jim

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    Myron Joe Hickel

    That is a nice design I really like the ambrosia maple top.

    I have made one 30"er and I started off with the larger blues blaster strings of Gitty's but they were putting a bow into the neck. So I reduced the strings to gitty's medium strings and the dropped the tuning to Ebe. The larger string put a lot of tension on the neck.

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      Jim Booth