Using low E, A and D strings?

I am trying to find any video where someone has taken the 3 lowest strings (E, A and D) from a full set and then put them on an acoustic cigar box guitar and tuned them to DAD or EBE. I would want to know what they would sound like. Do you know about a such video or could you upload a such video?

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    Del Puckett on YouTube, it’s a very common alternative to the higher tension GDG tuning? Here’s something CBGITTY put together about EBE & string choices with audio clips, just keep scrolling down til you see the clips, there’s also one for DAD? Cheers :)

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      Timothy Hunter

      i made my first CBG DAd tuning .  its good fun. great for irish stuff as its already in 

      I have 12 pdf's of DAD chord forms if you want them... here is another to get you started.

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        Carl Floyd

        Here is a good Del Puckett video that shows heavy strings vs lighter gauge.  He may call the heavy ones as being A, D, & G guitar strings, but they are very close the E, A, D strings from a regular gauge guitar string pack.


        The CBG in the pic below acoustically sounded too thin, tinny, & banjo-y to suit me.  I switched it to a 56, 44, 32 from a Ernie Ball "Not Even Slinky" 12-56 pack.  Much better for me.  Much fuller, more bottom, & no banjo.   :)    Oh, tuned to EBE.  With these heavy strings I would not tune up to GDG.  I use a capo.

        Pic is with a lighter gauge set of strings.  I didn't snip the strings because I was still tweaking things.  I find it much easier to restring with the same strings if they are left long.