does anyone have the measurements or a printable fret ruler for a soprano ukulele?

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For fret measurements, think "fractional" not dimensional. Any scale length can be approximated by maintaining bridge to last fret distance and using as much of the "earlier" frets as you like. Think of it as "capo" on the neck of a guitar. Also it might be fun to check out "melodic" frets (like on a mountain dulcimer, or early balalaika) they confine available keys but make the "wrong" notes impossible. Also there are some really small "weedeater" stringline that can get down to .020" . A friend (Violinist) made a fretless Uke,(not for everybody)....GO Wild! (then come back just far enough to "play the dern thing)
330.2 mm fret scale
  fret     from nut     fret to fret  
   18.533 mm   18.533 mm  (nut-1) 
   36.025 mm   17.492 mm  (1-2) 
   52.536 mm   16.511 mm  (2-3) 
   68.120 mm   15.584 mm  (3-4) 
   82.830 mm   14.710 mm  (4-5) 
   96.713 mm   13.883 mm  (5-6) 
   109.818 mm   13.105 mm  (6-7) 
   122.187 mm   12.369 mm  (7-8) 
   133.862 mm   11.675 mm  (8-9) 
 10   144.882 mm   11.020 mm  (9-10) 
 11   155.283 mm   10.401 mm  (10-11) 
 12   165.100 mm   9.817 mm  (11-12) 

Bridge placement (non-compensated) 332.14817999999997  mm (±0.5mm)

Its pretty short, too short for my fingers for sure. You may find it easy to play, but hard to play WELL if you know what I mean.

But ukes are very fun.


This scale is based on what type of Ukulele? I am building a soprano uke and having trouble finding the fret scale dimensions.

Mark Bliss said:
330.2 mm fret scale
  fret     from nut     fret to fret  
   18.533 mm   18.533 mm  (nut-1) 
   36.025 mm   17.492 mm  (1-2) 
   52.536 mm   16.511 mm  (2-3) 
   68.120 mm   15.584 mm  (3-4) 
   82.830 mm   14.710 mm  (4-5) 
   96.713 mm   13.883 mm  (5-6) 
   109.818 mm   13.105 mm  (6-7) 
   122.187 mm   12.369 mm  (7-8) 
   133.862 mm   11.675 mm  (8-9) 
 10   144.882 mm   11.020 mm  (9-10) 
 11   155.283 mm   10.401 mm  (10-11) 
 12   165.100 mm   9.817 mm  (11-12) 

Bridge placement (non-compensated) 332.14817999999997  mm (±0.5mm)

330.2 mm is 13 inches

Sopranos run 13 to 21 inches commonly. The "standards" arent very standardized if you know what I mean...

I provided the shorter one previously as someone wanted a smaller scale. I personally would find anything under about 17 pretty hard to play very well.

Ukulele scale length:
soprano or standard 13" (33 cm) 21" (53 cm) g'c'e'a' or a'd'f#'b'
concert 15" (38 cm) 23" (58 cm) g'c'e'a' or gc'e'a'
tenor 17" (43 cm) 26" (66 cm) gc'e'a', g'c'e'a', or d'gbe'
baritone 19" (48 cm) 30" (76 cm) dgbe'
I build my uke using a 14 1/8 inch scale (Mezzo Soprano)  There's a great fret calculator at the Stew-Mac Web Site.  It was spot on.


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