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Cali-Fest Open Mic signups.

Open Mic Sign Ups for Cali-Fest 2019

Friday, February 1, Saturday February 2 and Superbowl Sunday February 3.

The biggest and bestest virtual, fake and phony fest we know of.  It's in our heads. Be there or be square. Be there or be somewhere else. Richard…


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2 short stories - one is CBG relatted. A 2 pager and a 3 pager

Forty Ounce Feller's Crossbreed Bonanza

2015 - A Goodland County Story By John Bolton

Forty Ounce Feller is an ex con, a…


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1936 Oklahoma License Plate ~ 1 page fiction (short story)

Oklahoma 1936 License Plate #134-651      By John Bolton

I was made in late 1935 in the Oklahoma State Prison at Mc Alester. I was black with yellow letters. I was issued in Goodland County in 1936 and bolted on the rear of a gray and black 31' Ford coupe with a rumble seat. I couldn't see where we were going, but when the dust wasn't too bad, I could see where we'd been.

The Ford belonged to Gibson. He had a place in…


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Jake Leg - A very short story

Note:  I am working on a collection of short and very short stories that all tie together in a fictional place called Goodland County Oklahoma.   Some are music related and some feature CBGs.   I appreciate your comments, good, bad and corrective.

Jake Leg   by John Bolton

Goodland County, Oklahoma, 1931

The Two Two Store sat two miles east of Corley on a dirt road. There was a good sized open room with pot…


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This Old Guitar - 2 page fiction story by Uncle John

This Old Guitar  By Uncle John

I put my old Silvertone guitar up for sale and advertised it at a hundred dollars in the local Penny Saver. A young guy called about it then came to the house. He could play some. Not stuff I'd ever heard, but not bad stuff. He asked me, “Is there any wiggle room on the hundred?…

Added by Uncle John on March 21, 2016 at 4:00pm — 48 Comments

Forty Ounce Feller- short story Part II in the Carroll series

Forty Ounce Feller

My name's Carroll and I'm a guy.  I say that up front so there's no confusion. This is a story about Forty Ounce Feller.  Forty's birth name is Bobby, but only his momma calls him that. You'll probably figure out the nickname as the story goes on.…


Added by Uncle John on July 13, 2015 at 3:30pm — 23 Comments

Carroll Is A Guy's Name Too - Very short story - some CBG content

Carroll Is A Guy's Name Too    by John Bolton

Everybody has some weird shit happen to them, but I've had more than my fair share, starting out the day I was born and my folks named me Carroll.  Carroll is a guy's name too.

I live in a piss-ant little town.  We got cheap housing, low taxes and one store, the Kwik Stop.  I was in there one night paying for gas and this…


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A Tail Of Two Cats ( the people owned by the cats are cbg players - no other cbg content)

A Tail of Two Cats ~ By John Bolton

Our sons have long since grown up and moved away. Our two black cats are like children to us now. I think their stories are worth telling.

Elvis came to us first. Linda and I were biking the Raccoon River Trail on a late summer morning. About ten miles out we crossed a gravel road. The trail on the far side had a shady line of trees.…


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Short story - no cbg content

Small Town Hero by John Bolton

Goodland County, Oklahoma.

I picked up the Sunday paper and read the front page headlines.

Oklahoma won its bowl game. Football is big here in Oklahoma. As I started to dig for the funnies and sports page, a photo on the bottom of the front page caught my eye. It was Travis Erbeck, my old friend from Clayton. The bold print read, ‘Small Town Hero: Good Samaritan Dies Saving Girl And Dog.’

I felt like I’d been punched in the gut. It was…


Added by Uncle John on November 4, 2012 at 11:00am — 13 Comments

Monday - October 1 - 2 new very short stories - 5 pages for both - no cbg content

Professor Pete ~ A Goodland County Story

By John Bolton

Clayton, Oklahoma 1934

Professor Pete and Stanley Peters rode the northbound into Goodland County on a gorgeous October afternoon. The steam whistle blew two shorts and long as the train slowed for the town of Clayton. The boys had no idea or immediate concern for where they were. They were both very drunk.

They were dangling their legs from an empty Morton Salt boxcar and Stan stood up to pee. The engineer hit…


Added by Uncle John on October 1, 2012 at 8:45pm — 11 Comments

Hospice House - a short (10 page) story. Minimal cbg content

Hospice House by John Bolton

Lee and Elaine Hampton sat in the Dr. Allen’s waiting room. Lee was in a wheel chair. Little was said. They had been married for forty five years and would not make it to forty six. Lee was dying of stomach cancer that had spread to his bones. He was seventy and Elaine two years younger.

Cheryl, Doc’s long time nurse, put the Hamptons in a room. Doc came in and greeted them as he used…


Added by Uncle John on September 13, 2012 at 9:30pm — 13 Comments

Big Bottom Girls - 8/19/12 - a Goodland County Short Story - no cbg content

Big Bottom Girls by John Bolton

November, 1933

Goodland County, Oklahoma

Maggie Jinks, Susie Slater and Thelma Trueax were the big bottom girls. Big Bottom School which was officially designated but seldom called Goodland County School #9. It was a wood framed one room school house with nineteen students ranging from first to eighth grade. There were no seventh graders in 33’ and the BB girls, as the only eighth graders, ruled the roost. Miss Potter, their teacher. She…


Added by Uncle John on August 19, 2012 at 12:00pm — 16 Comments

Death Letter Blues - short story post on 7/30/12- music content - no cbgs

Death Letter Blues – A Sister Zee Story

By John Bolton

May 12, 1929 was the proudest day of Zee Woolfolk’s life. That day she was ordained a minister of God. The Reverend Booker Brown, Zee’s friend, mentor and former pastor, was there with a bouquet of flowers, a presentation bible and a proud, fatherly hug. Zee had dreamed of serving as assistant pastor under Booker, but that was not to be. Booker had been called to a bigger church in Nashville and Zee would remain and…


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5 Goodland County short stories - no cbgs - music related - depression era


The Yodeling Deputy by John Bolton

March, 1930

Goodland County, Oklahoma

The week of Delroy Wright’s 21rst birthday was eventful. He was sworn in as deputy in the Goodland County Sheriff’s Department and he a gig to play and sing at a house party come…


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Sometimes You Eat The Bear- short story - 4.5 pages. Music related, but not cbg related.

Sometimes You Eat The Bear

By John Bolton

Bill True was in a deep sleep when his alarm clock woke him. It was the first Saturday of January, 1932. Bill had slept poorly until that last hour before the alarm went off at six. Saturday was his least favorite day. It was bill collection day. Bill was a milkman.

The job wasn’t making ends meet. His wife, Emma, was laid off from the dry cleaners. Emma was in Clinton, Iowa to help with the birth of their first grandchild. She’d…


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Lottery Blues - short story. Blues content. No cbg content

Lottery Blues by John Bolton

It was payday Friday and warm for March. Ray pulled on a pair of jeans, cheap tennies, his Howling Wolf tee-shirt and a faded orange cap. He strolled three blocks to County Hospital.

Used to be, Ray was the lead housekeeper at County. Now he was mostly retired. He still worked a day or so a week, mostly, doing floors. Ray was a wizard with floors.

He went down the stairs to the basement of the building and into the Housekeeping office just as…


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Jackson Black short stories #5, #6 and #7. Most recent post 1/14/12

                                                             Hey Porter

After arriving in Chicago in 1919, Jackson Black played a lot of blues and worked a variety of jobs. He hoped to make a living playing harp. That did not happen. He began to realize that he was good, but maybe not ‘make a living’ good.

He tried the stockyards for a year. He lasted two at meat packing. He did house framing, shingling and sewer work.

He bought a Harmony guitar and…


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Songwriting - Recipe for a simple blues song

Song writing Lesson.

Recipe for an easy blues song.

3 lines per verse.  First and second lines are the same words.

The third line ends in a word that is a rhyme or near rhyme for the last word in the first lines.

The third line resolves or answers or somehow completes what was said in the previous 2 lines.

The first line is often about 12 syllables give or take a few…


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CBG and Blues short stories -Jackson Black Stories 1 - 4

Jackson's Blues by John Bolton

Monday, November 25, 1963

Detroit, Michigan

It was a sad day in this negro man’s life… The day of JFK’s funeral. It was after supper and I was sitting alone in the kitchenette, living room and bedroom of my one room apartment. I was sippin’ Ten High whiskey from a jelly jar and listening to ‘Heat Wave’ by Martha and the Vandellas on WKNR. Not blues, but good music.

Most evenings I will play me some blues. Most evenings I feel…


Added by Uncle John on November 30, 1999 at 12:00pm — 34 Comments

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