Randy S. Bretz


Annville, PA

United States

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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
From Shane Speal at the old Yahoo cgb site
How many instruments have you built so far?
over 65
What do you find most interesting about cigar box guitars? (If you do not enter something meaningful here, your membership may be rejected).
the ability to create a homemade stringed instrument with my hands

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  • Paul 'PapaHogg' Smith

    Wow Randy that looks amazing, I love it. Thank you.
  • Lewis Harris

    Thanks Randy, That Bass looks cool, I think they maybe related lol.

  • Randy S. Bretz

  • Tom Lauten

    That's perfect...looks fantastic! I will let you know as soon as it arrives.

    Thanks Randy!
  • darren brown

    thanks big dog .

  • Old Fingers Green

    Hi Randy, Only just spotted a comment you left me last year about using CB radio elements in microphones (gorgeous mics by the way how you do that kinda stuff with bone i'll never know!) I'd given up on the idea till i saw that and ive just oredered a couple to see how it goes so thanks for the advice!

  • Yeti savage

    Cheers great to be here
  • Tom Lauten

    Simply awesome man...can't wait! Thanks again!
  • Jim Morris

    Yup,I thought we were already friends too!

  • Jim Morris

    It looks like I've missed a lot of your cool builds since I'm not on Handmade page. Spend too much time on CB Nation already!  I'm diggin' what appears to be hollow log instruments. Guess I need a page on Handmade Clubhouse too!

  • Steve Mattox

    thanks for the friend request randy 

    im honored to be your friend.  I need all the friends I can get.

    now if I just had the money to buy ME a CBG. so cool.

  • Piht Bull (Delta Dawg Guitars)

    Hey Randy could you help me out with a rod piezo bridge idea . lol im almost done with this awesome build but im stuck at the bridge . if i hollowed out a dowel {chopstick} and stuffed the rod into it would it sill work ? or does the rod have to be free floating with the bridge on top ? i could slice one side and put the rod under . ps. the rod is attached to a marshall preamp . 

  • Piht Bull (Delta Dawg Guitars)

    sorry man net went out for a bit and i somehow missed this .  

  • Low Budget Luthier

    Happy Birthdays to us. Have fun.

  • Blind Lemon Cello

    Hey Randy, how much do you get for a standard slide & one with a custom logo? My Smokin' Rooster would look pretty cool on one of them bones. BLC

  • Walter L. Railey, Jr.

    Randy, I finished the build. Posted a few pictures. Thanks For All Your Help!


  • Chuck Cobillas

    Thanks for the pic with the rollers/pulleys! That gives me ideas for some options.
    Thanks for the friend request!
    Best Regards,
  • bemuzic

    ooh excellent, thanks Randy : -)

  • Marie A. Kennedy

    Randy - call me a "lurker" -- this way I sort of keep up on stuff so I can get good things for my husband.  He's the "picker" ... I'm the "grinner"???  But given that my Dad (at 90) is a woodcarver - I have a lot of appreciation for your work (and all these hand-made instruments are just incredible). 

  • bemuzic

    looks beautiful Randy : -)

  • Downtown Vinnie

    beautiful,my friend,do u have paypal ?

  • Bad Finger (Eric)

    I better get my are in gear and finish that redo then. Polished the cone this morning and marked the frets.
  • Bad Finger (Eric)

    Is it TUESDAY YET???  I'm going to be running home like a little school boy tomorrow afternoon.

  • bemuzic

    no not here yet Randy. Was thinking today it could come any time now! Will let you know when it arrives...

  • Rouxdy Blues

    Man, they look awesome!

  • darren brown

    thanks randy

  • Kelly 2Fingers

    Thanks, mdf easy to work with but very dusty, I always liked the look and sound of the old danelectros that's what I was going for. I probably could have chambered out a little more is still a little on the heavy side. 

  • Kelly 2Fingers

    Nice to have you as a friend, you have some great looking instruments here.

  • Nicolas Leray

    Thanx for the link, I'll let you know concerning the slide. C ya !

  • Moedecker

    Awesome Randy! I'll be playing with it as soon as it arrives, Thanks, I'll be talkin' to ya!


  • Michael Fred Johnson

    If I use a metal tail piece I normally just clamp the earth wire between the box and the tail in a loop around one of the retaining screws

  • Ron "Oily" Sprague


    Just wanted to say a Merry Christmas Thank You for the two MBW slides with chamfers. My daughter brought them back with her when she came back home from boarding school for Christmas break. I finally got a chance to test them out today, and they slide sooooo smooth! The chamfer cut outs work great.
  • Tim Mac


      pic of the thumb slide looks great.. looking forward to getting it!!


  • Richey Kay

    Thanks for the friend add Randy - might have to treat myself to one of your slides for my birthday next month!

  • darryl kernaghan

    hey randy,just an update for you,i don,t know if you remember the reso i made with the heavily cranked neck,but i could never get it sounding right ,so i sort of stopped playing it,well after playing around with your slide on a few gits,i noticed that some reacted well to the bone and some not so much,well i got the reso down and tried it,awesome,been playing around with it all w/end,it loves the bone,just thought you might like to hear,cheers darryl

  • Paul Ah-Tye

    Thank you for the welcome. I haven't been a member too long though only joining up in January. I'm glad I did though !!!!!!
  • Ron "Oily" Sprague

    Randy, gorgeous slides! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Your account has been filled.
  • Bull Run CBG's

    Hey Randy! Haven't been on here in a while. Figured i'd post that 5 string and see what's up.

  • Spence's Rye

    HEY RANDY!!!  I was just playing the slide this evening, AWESOME!!!

  • Randy S. Bretz

  • Muddy Creek Guitars

    Happy Birthday, Randy!
    I really enjoy your craftsmanship!
  • Bill Baker

    Randy, I am thinking about a project CBG (3 string), using different components from whom I consider to be the top guys out there.  You are certainly the Bridge guy...I have not decided yet on the Neck, Body, Pickup etc.

    My question is: Do you keep some bridges made up that I could choose from or all yours custom made?  Obviously there needs to be some matching done to the Body etc.  I lean towards real cigar boxes, not shop made and retaining the stickers, labels etc.



  • Bill Baker

    Thank you very much Randy.  I'll be in touch when I decide what direction I want to go. Theme or not etc...


  • A.D.EKER

    Your Right Randy,Your Picture is much better!! dont know why i posted the picture? You done some cool stuff lately,Love the 10 cents Blackmore One Looks Verry Cool Vintage Style  You Artist WOOD WORKER YOU !  Greeeettssszzz A.D.

  • Roberts Cogswell

    The Osage/Ebony biscuit is stunning! Thanks for making your beautiful works of art available for folks like me.

  • Paul Craig

    After seeing a pic of your double cutaway CBG, I just had to see all the other things you've done. Nice work.

  • mike graff


  • Uncle John

    Got the slide and bonus pick yesterday.  Nice bag and I like them all.  Good fit on my finger too.   Thanks!   Photo and video posted here and same video posted on a facebook diddley group.

  • Ron "Oily" Sprague

    Hey, Randy,
    Quick repair question: my custom "Oily" bone and wood slide finally arrived from Saudi Arabia, along with all our other household goods. In two pieces. It is otherwise undamaged. What glue did you use to join the bone to the wood? I believe I can fix it, but need to know just that part of your process, if you would be so kind. Over half our stuff is water-damaged and / or moldy...
  • darryl kernaghan

    Oily, in case Randy doesn't see this for a few days, i'll say this, dropped mine on concrete floor a couple of years ago, clean split on the joint, i just lightly sanded it to clean it up, then joined it with araldhyte epoxy, clamped it for 24 hrs [gently] , have had no issues since, and it's been dropped a few times,.....tip, clean up insides straight away, i had a small bubble harden inside and had to remove it with the dremel