43rd Shamrock


Jonesboro, GA

United States

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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
by accident messing around on the internet late one night
How many instruments have you built so far?
50 +
What do you find most interesting about cigar box guitars? (If you do not enter something meaningful here, your membership may be rejected).
... the passion and how each CBG is unlike any other one !

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  • bemuzic

    ah cheers : -)

  • Bluesheart

    Nice to meet you Shamrock. You are doing some very pretty work. That dulcimer is so beautiful, love the tin box too!

  • A.D.EKER

    Thanks for the Comments There Shamrock!! its all organised Chaos ! if you leave every thing where it is , you can allway's find it back!(under all the other stuff) And One who saves something, still haze something to work whit! by the look of your pictures, its all nice and neat  not that chaottic at all !! i see some great builds there 43rd! Greeeeettssszzz A.D.

  • A.D.EKER

    Glad to have as a friend there shamrock Welcom to the Nation !are you about ready to give us some sound sample? greeeeeeettssszzz A.D

  • A.D.EKER

    Hi there 43rd Shamrock, No its not a Hobbit house its a Peathouse a reproduction of one from the early days ,the dutch that work't the Peat lived in houses like that, its my Heritage and its my jongest you see in the picture,i saw this in my mind when i past the display, and thought thats a good one for some advertising,thanks for the comment Greeeeettsszz A.D.

  • Janos BoogieMan CBGs

    Hi Shamrock, I wish that I can take 100% credit for this headstock design, but I saw that kindda form from the RockHill guy...I think he's from England. But thanx anyway for asking...I guess go a head with it. :-)