Edwardsville, IL

United States

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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
You Tube
How many instruments have you built so far?
Over 200
What do you find most interesting about cigar box guitars? (If you do not enter something meaningful here, your membership may be rejected).
They invite the most interesting and long term relation ships around the world. There are no rules restricting method or materials. Rarely are any two alike. Most people can easily play one within moments.

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  • Ice Bob

    go for it man

  • Phil Aspill

    Hi - thanks for comment - Best, Phil.

  • jeff maurer

    hey thanks for watching my video. the scale on all my guitars are based on a cheap SG silvertone i bought out of a catalog 11 years ago. the length is 24 3/4". this is also the first guitar i built with the neck angled back a little bit. i dont know how many degrees that is, but it does require the bridge to be higher than usual. at the pickup my strings are 1/2" above the sound board and is 1/4" away from the pickup

  • Mario Fabiano

    hello Smilingdog1 try to listen to these:

  • Clock The Wolf

  • Clock The Wolf

    ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

  • Keni Lee Burgess

    Thank you for your friendship. Let me know if I can be of assistance. Enjoy.

  • bemuzic

    Hi, and thanks...we're in the middle of a big de cluttering session. It sort of went on hold over Christmas, must get back to it!

  • Thorsten Hinrichsen

    That whamola thing is hot!!! Cheers.

  • Bluesheart

    Thank you. Like what you are doing with the printed artwork.

  • eK

    Much obliged for the friend invite. Really enjoy your videos. The art tip was great, the whamola was awesome (got a nice Jazz Bass too I see), and I really got a kick out of the surf and road music. Nice solidbody guitar build too. You're certainly a busy guy! :-))

  • Phill Hill Charlie

    Very glad to be one of your friends,

    thank you for all i found on your page Similingdog1...i've to come back here takin time to comment more...°<[:-) [---]==={...

  • bemuzic

    Hi, glad it got there ok..and glad to have added to your stamp collection : -)

  • Mr.C

    Just let me know ill bring a canjo for a door prize and ill help with the build if you need it
    Get me some flyers I'll get them around I talked to the blurs day
    Guy fm88 get the word spread also might contact Gabriel maybe as gust mc he has big pull draw in stlouis
  • Ted Hartman

    Thanx for the friendship !!!!!!   I live close to Pa, but had no idea were York was. thanx for letting me know,  Harrisburg that's a good 150 miles form me. I would really like to watch the Festival you are doing with the live streeming, I think you guys are going to have a Great Time.!!!!

  • rotten roger

    hello Smiling Dog , yes I did inquire about shirts. I found how to purchase shirts on paypal and you should have my payment shortly. I purchased 2 LG  and a vendors space w power. I would like to buy a couple of posters to display at my booth during upcoming craft events. Were in staunton il and I'm the guy who leaves the 3 strings at Sacred Grounds in Edwardsville for the college students to pick.

  • Keni Lee Burgess

    Where are the festival shirts for sale? Thank you, Keni Lee

  • ross harper (rustic luthiery)

    Gday, Smiling Dog, just back from the South Coast,picked up a new surfboard yesterday that I've been waiting to get hold of,got home tonight and the tee shirt arrived today,happiness all-round!!Thanks,it fits well and looks great!And thanks for the posters,I wish I could've made it!Have a great festival!Ross
  • Elmar Zeilhofer

    Steven, congrats for the fest! Cool to hear that you are already planning on next year's event. Raising the bar? - Well coun't on me for give aways :-)
    Thanks, Elmar

  • jeff burgoyne

    how are ya buddy

  • jeff burgoyne

    hey Buddy that looks awesome i have just started to make one myself but it is going to be a slow job  

  • charles roberts

    Greetings Thank You! CR

  • Mr.C

    That come in handy in june steve
  • gary herget

    Hope you got a book with that. Looks like it might be above my tech level. Let me know when you post something when using it, like to see what you can do with it. Have fun with it, but not too much fun.

  • darren brown

    hi dog yes its a 4 pole mag coil bakelite pickup made by bob harrison /harrison pickups .

  • Phill Hill Charlie

    ...+<{:-) [¤¤¤]==={......+<{:-) [¤¤¤]==={......+<{:-) [¤¤¤]==={...

    Thank you very much SimilingDog,

    §§§ HO HO HO, we are all "Rockers in Red" actually §§§

    I wish you and your family a great and sweet long Christmas time 

    ...+<{:-) [¤¤¤]==={......+<{:-) [¤¤¤]==={......+<{:-) [¤¤¤]==={... 

  • gary herget

    People are coming out of the wood work for club meeting. We never got this much local response for fest last year.

  • gary herget

    I don't know how any structure will work the first meeting, there will probably be a lot of get to know each other going on. You also have mention selling and trading and some seem excited about that, where would that time come from. Don't really know what you're considering crafting, maybe exchange of building techniques or materials or what ever. However you do it be flexible because some things will get people more excited for one reason or another and eat up more time than planned. I would just try to work something for the first and then figure out how to proceed in the future, but wouldn't really put anything in stone yet. Also some will want to spend more time on something different than others and will get bored quick doing something else. Gonna' be difficult to please all but I think we can satisfy most. Just a thought maybe themed meetings sometime focus strictly on a single topic, should give advanced notice of this no doubt.

  • Slowpaw Steve T

    it's all about sharing!  pleased your fest went well Steve! keep it going,  I might turn up one year..! ;-)

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks for your  comment.I use a 650mm scale length, find it easier than using inches

  • Jason Hoye

    Thanks Steve, this community does seem to be supportive.  I can't wait to get my hands on what you have for me, and continue my studies of the blues. 

  • A.D.EKER

    Sure am happy whit that One, it a scary cutting it up Tho!! Greeettssszzz

  • gary herget

    Thx I'll keep this in mind for the next one.

  • A.D.EKER

    Thanks smilingdog for your nice compliments!

  • glen

    It was nice meeting everyone last weekend! Hope to see you all at the next meeting. I am starting to gather parts for my second build this one will be fretted.

  • Dave Lynas

    Glad to be a friend Smiling D.
  • Hard luck chuck

    Hey smiling dog - thanks for the invite!
  • David (3 string Davy) Pietrzak

    I would lend a hand.

  • David (3 string Davy) Pietrzak

    Raise you two arms and a torso. ... A bottle neck slide.

  • Jim Junksville Sharkey

    Thanks for the friend request smilingdog

  • Preston J. Laisure

    "Pick" and "Uncle Lou" have suggested that I get ideas form you about getting a group started and please ignore the photo I accidently posted when trying to get rid of the red star beside my name on "my page." Thanks,   Preston 

  • music2me

    Hey sure had a good time on Saturday so do you have a link for the parts we talked about
  • A.D.EKER

    Thanks verry much ! for your likes Smilingdog ! appriciated, glad you are on there to! it turned out to bee a real nice mix and blend of sounds & styles , steve did a good job !