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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
looking on the net for how to build a cigar box guitar ...there you were

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  • Crimson Toad

    Thats definatly a eye catcher...great lookin the use of that drawer pull as well...
  • Mark Bliss

    Hello Theo,

    I saw your question about chords in chat (after you left) and wanted to let you know that Keni Lee Burgess has kindly covered the 3 string guitar instruction on his 4th cd. It covers scales, chords and techniques for playing a 3 stringed CBG tuned to GDg.

    Here is a link to his ebay store offering that CD for only $9.95

    Hope that helps!


  • Penny Nelson

    hey Theo, nice to hear from you - not too many builders in BrisVegas.  I'm working on drying out my camping gear at the moment got caught up at kenilworth on the weekend 24inches in 12hours - nice bonus got an extra three days camping cause we were flooded in.  After that - not sure if you have seen my two string bedwarmer bass? Well it seems to have had a bit of an internal trouble  so will pull it apart and sort it out.  What have you been up to?