Jim Mitchell

Land O Lakes, FL

United States

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  • Kevin Sprague (Knotlenny)

    Hey Jim, thanks for your kind comment on my video a while ago - sorry it took me so long to stumble over it. my bad.
  • Dianne Woods

    Jim, you have some nice builds.
  • Dianne Woods

    Jim, you are very welcome. Thank you for your comment on my 1st build. Still working on my 2nd build. Yep, we are south neighbors. LOL
  • Willardj

    mr.jim,,,it was a pleasure meeting u and your band of angels...had a great time.thanks for de info on golden gate..just ordered a doz from ebay.large.hope they fit.the seller also had them in med...hope to see u again at another gig...SOON!
  • Christopher

    Thanks for the kind comment on my posted songs. The Blues Thang is on a 4 string CBG with a Radioshack piazo. I'll post a pic of that unit soon. It is entirley made from junk in my basement..including an alan wrench and a piece of a door knob.
  • Ice Bob

    great to meet you Jim and your wife. Samster is playing the diddle-bow hope to catch her on it your CBG's are a work of art thanks for coming to the gathering Ice Bob
  • Christopher

    Jim- thanks for your comment earlier...that led me to perusing the photos of your work. WOW! I love the necks! Great use of materials. I am sold...next instrument will have a laminated neck... Beautiful work.
  • Darwin Gentry

    Hey Man thanks for the comment on the nail frets. I have just begun this build. I'll try to post some more stuff on it as I go but some times I get carried away and it gets built with out a video
  • Keni Lee Burgess

    Thank you Jim. First time on the Radio for me. I hope you enjoy it.
  • Joker

    Jim, thanks fo rthe comment on my vid.
  • Chester Winowiecki

    Back at ya! MOTS fretboard! Hot dog!
  • Bluesheart

    Thanks for the nice response Jim. I have not been able to be here much as our house was hit by lighting and it blew out some electronics! Nobody hurt though! The lever bass is a blast, but hard to play. I'll let ya know when I'm back online and we can chat. Later.
  • captain_mudflap

    My washboard has an old pot and a small cymbal attached. Just to add variety to the sounds. Washboards are pretty versatile when it comes to adding a rhythm groove. I like to play it....
  • Tracy Kennedy

    Thanks for the kind words Jim
  • William H Bonney

    Hey Jim,
    can't exactly remember all we talked about but was wondering about the fox fire books.I see them them on line.They have info on builds? Maybei can get DVD.Any way thanks.

  • William H Bonney

    Hey Jim,
    CP 813-362-8366

  • JUJU

    Hey jim heres the new router table i was talking about - and it's all made in the USA - Kreg Router Table - Woodpecker Unilift and the collet Extension is a Extreme Extention which you can fit your router bits too with a 1/4 turn of a allen wrench and one handed cool or what lol!

  • JUJU

    Cheers Jim , yep i hope it's going to be the last router table i buy ! - i was also considering the WoodRat it's a great bit of kit for sure - the only problem i have with getting one is having wall space to mount it - no doubt i'll get one one day though :-)
    have you used yours much ? - i see you have the same router as me also - do you use any collet Extention with the router to extend the Router cutters ? - the xtreme xtension i bought is a great bit of kit but takes time to set-up as it's balanced but once set fitting and removing cutters takes a second and can be done without the use of the router spindle lock or spanners just 1/4 turn of a allen wrench is all it takes to lock or unlock the Cutter - check out the link

    heres the link for the Unilift if you ever fancy one - http://www.woodpeck.com/unilift.html
    happy woodworking bro

  • flatfoot johnny

    Hi Jim, you've got some great work here. Thanks for the comment... youve got to make one but beware because now im addicted to banjos lol. Gourd are pretty tricky to find in the U.K. not sure about the U.S. but once you find one you can grow your own...
  • ProfWaldo

    Hey Jim, thanks for the welcome, nice of ya'. Yeah, I know I'm hooked.
    Only been putzin with this 3-string for about a week and I'm havin' too much
    fun to learn anything about notes, keys chords, all that foreign language stuff.
    I've been a woodworker most of my life n' the other day a friend gave me
    a bunch of cigar boxes. I'm DOOMED ! Ahh, but what a fate.
    If I can pull myself away from tryin' to play there's gonna' be some wood-chips
    flyin' over here. I gotta' have me another guitar. Well, maybe 2 more...or three.
    Nice to meet ya' Jim. Take care man. Wally.
  • franky-j

    Thanks for your comment Jim !
    great canal, very nice instrument !!!
  • Joker

    Jim, thanks for your comments on the podcast. It helps me to know folks appreciate them. I wish I could put them out more often, but I have to balance my time. If you ever get into recording anything, send it to me and I will put it in an episode.
  • Dan

    Ben Prestage in Sarasota, fl on July 31. tickets $15 in advance $20 at the door, for info:
  • bairfoot cajun

    thanks jim fer da comment on the video of the 1926 virginia cheroots build.
  • Keni Lee Burgess

    Thank you Jim. I am off this weekend for a two day Jerryfest concert in PA. Gonna vend some CDs and play some CBG. Also, I got a 4 string CBG video in the works. Enjoy.
  • uncle Lou

    thank you uncle Lou
  • Jason Barnes

    Thanks Jim, the Hawaii CBG nation chapter has begun.. I was the first to show up to the local guitar store to buy parts and let the guys in on the CBG. They have lots of experience out here making ukuleles so I wouldn't be surprised to see more builds come out, especialy the guys who are into the koa woods..
    Aloha! Jason
  • Keni Lee Burgess

    Thank you Jim. Ya, just like driving one of those big old Mississippi river boats...Mark Twain! LOL Enjoy.
  • Salty Sea Empire

    hey i just put up some new photos of my wine box in progress. i just finished the glue up of the body

    yep still have one XL bro.
  • Keni Lee Burgess

    Thank you Jim for your comment. I was drinking a Belgium ale called Leffe in this video. Real good stuff. Enjoy.
  • JUJU

    enjoy juju :)

  • Roosterman

    Yeah, do it Jim! Its very rewarding - quick results and pretty straight forward. Just watch yourself on all that spinning metal!
    Well I was knocked out by the reso - great finish and super sound, so add me to your 'Il get a guitar from you some day' list!
    Stay happy
  • Keni Lee Burgess

    I posted a reply on the Zep video for you.
  • Keni Lee Burgess

    Thank you Jim. For now, I am going to continue video recording my arrangements to archive them for future reference. I am working on lesson 1 of How to play 3 string CBG Part 2. The first lesson will include naming the notes on all three strings, the chords associated with the key of C, Chord practice: House of the Rising Sun and Silent Night. Now that is a contrast! LOL Talk about Good & Evil Enjoy.
  • Keni Lee Burgess

    Hello Jim, It will be interesting to see how your approach compares to mine in regards to arranging Silent Night. Actually the tunings are very simular comparing the interval relationships between the strings. Dgbd (5135) to ADf# (513). They both work with a major chord triad with the same configuration 513. As you will discover, the four string offers the advantage of having full chords starting and ending on a tonic and not needing to always alter notes to make various chords due to the limtation of just having 3 strings. Thank you . Enjoy.
  • Mick Hardy (crikey)

    hi Jim , my saw in picture is a Belgium made 3m Robland panel saw, with scribe saw, electric rise/fall and tilt.
  • Nick Lindsay

    You a fan of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" ? 


    I got that one down pat.

  • John Hopper

    Thanks for the reply.  You r right it is Rooster man, Thanks.  I know so little about resonators that I'm not sure what to ask first.  What Kind are best?  Materials used to pound or spin or buy.  I have a lathe but spinning metal is new to me.  Old Lowe used a form to spin against.  I guess I'll try to make one like his.  All comments are welcomed.  john
  • Keni Lee Burgess

    Thank you Jim for your kind and encouraging words. Yes, if you can enjoy the trip, the destination seems to be always just around the next bend. Enjoy. 
  • Wichita Sam

    Jim,  thanks for friending me... your CBBass is boxed and labeled and ready to ship tomorrow..  thanks,  Sam
  • Keni Lee Burgess

    Thank you Jim for your comment. Well, the way things are today, it is definitely good to hear you are busy in a "good way". I hope the new job is working out well. Take care and talk to you soon. Enjoy. 
  • korruptus

    so, in fl. too. see the lowbowe shirt. i was there too. have to meet up sometime when nix has a show, or something.


  • Bad Finger (Eric)

    Hi Jim.  Thanks for the input on my Rocky Patel box thread.  I'm interested in tackling a resonator in the near future as well.
  • darren brown

    thanks for the kind words jim, it be an honor to build you one of them .
  • Willardj

    MR JIM....nice builds your doing...soundin good...i didnt make it to orlando...i never saw it posted ,rev nix is slacking....maybe next time

  • G.S.Monroe

    Do you know of any local clubs or groups that get together to share, jam and just hang out?

    I build a variety of string instruments, do lathe turning and wood carving. I'm currently working on an "A" style (stick dulcimer) 3 string fretless slide guitar made out of old growth "sinker" cypress. I love that wood, it has a unique mellow (but not flat) resonance. It is a hollow body acoustic/peizoelectric beast with a 25 inch scale length. I'm going to try mounting bass strings on it.

  • Aaron Maguire

  • Aaron Maguire

  • Aaron Maguire