Youngstown, OH

United States

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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
How many instruments have you built so far?
What do you find most interesting about cigar box guitars? (If you do not enter something meaningful here, your membership may be rejected).
I absolutely love the sound, I'm a guitar player. I am also a carpenter/cabinet maker, and can't wait to start building one, Spent 7 hours yesterday out hunting for hardware , found some really cool stuff. Ordered a pickup and a bridge, have the wood and I'm ready to go.

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  • Allen

    I'm overwhelmed with all the comments.To answer some questions , The black CBG. The resonator bottom piece that dosn't really show is a steel plate that I bought at Dollar general, it is a 9" steel plate that I paid a dollar for. The top resonator cover is one piece of a three piece three teered cookie tray that I picked up at a huge garage sale for two bucks. I still have two more pieces. They were chrome on the back side so I had to invert them, set them on the floor and stood on them and they surprisingly popped  into place. I have been totally consumed with the building process, but what I really enjoy is going out and hunting for unique pieces .The wood on the tenner is the back side of a piece of Luan ply,that when I pulled it out of the rack I saw the guitar and had to buy it. Two of the other builds are made from some Walnut that I had laying around for a lot of years. Then Tenner guitar sides are made from Wiggle wood,(1/8" bendable Birch), I am the set designer for a local NBC affiliate and build a lot of curved  and round stuff for TV. I have always wondered if a guitar could be built using this stuff. It is semi hollow. There is a tapered 3 1/2" block running from the neck to the tail piece. The neck is from my first build which was all wrong. The scale length was all wrong .Fortunately I made the neck a bolt on. I own two Taylor guitar  among a few others. I couldn't find info on frets when I started all this so I cut my fretboards and layed them next to my Taylor and marked them,works. I have a lot of work to do on fretting, I need to make or buy a good jig.

  • Jeff Box

    Thanks for getting back to me Allen, that wiggle wood is very clever, from a quick search it seems not available in Australia. I have thinking for a while about making a renaissance guitar with 4 pairs of strings. But will be a few months off yet as i will be traveling quite a bit for work this next half of the year. Will give me a chance to research before I jump in.

    Thanks for the info


  • Jeff Box

    Thanks Allen , I will keep that in mind, postage will probably make it not economical I think.

    I work for a small construction company that builds Government projects like schools, hospitals, police stations, etc all commercial works, mostly renovations and extensions to those works. My role within this is mostly defects on works already completed. The works sending me traveling are shop fitting works for motor vehicle registration and other services provided by the government, in the state I live in the Government is upgrading and consolidating some of the services into one shop to make it easier for the public. My role is the onsite supervisor controlling the trades on site from empty shell to finished shop.

    What works do you do?