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United Kingdom

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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
Surfing the net a few years ago for info on Seasick Steve..
How many instruments have you built so far?
None so far but own a Nineboys & a Toelar & an HSG Hubcap guitar.
What do you find most interesting about cigar box guitars? (If you do not enter something meaningful here, your membership may be rejected).
Each one is individual & and in my experience ,inspiring from almost the first touch !

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  • Ray Slide

    Hey thanks! Yep insomniac is the right word! Appreciate your comment. I'm waiting for some more parts to arrive - story of the life of most CBG builders on here! Have a great Christmas holiday. Ray

  • Blues Frog


    My humbucker came from a guitar that fell over and cracked the neck, so after I bouit a new guitar, I stripped the unit for parts, That happened to be the only part I had left.

    If I had more of them, I would definately use em in my gits. I love the sound they give.

    Thanks for reaching out.

  • Blues Frog

    And  a very Merry Christmas to you my friend!

  • Uncle John

    Hey, Bristol.  It's good to have you for a CBN friend.   I've seen and liked your comments to me and to others.   Also, like your pic - I am a Mississippi John Hurt fan.   I think more than likely your name is not Blue, but Blue is my mom's maiden name. 

  • Uncle John

    Ah, I should have thought of the glass.  I see it collected here too.  

    Thanks for the kind words.   Do you have a CBG?  If you were here I would hand one over to you.  I need to thin the herd a bit.  But shipping overseas is not any fun!

  • Uncle John

    Yes, I've done the customs and shipping a few times and told myself I don't want to do that again!

  • Bluesheart

    Hello and nice to meet you!

  • Paul Craig

    Thanks for the friend request.

  • Dave Stuckey

    Thanks for the 'friend' request; accepted with pleasure! What I thought has come true in that, since I got the cbg I haven't picked up the Tele! Such a great sound and obviously much easier to coax out a recognisable tune. Also bought a couple of slides so having a go with those too. Will keep you posted with progress. All the best to you and everyone on CBG for 2016.
  • King Rubbish

    Hey man, nice to meet you - thanks for the friend request. 

  • Alan Hergert

    Alfred kind of dates me but those who know him, love him!

    I think we should lock all the candidates in a room with one electric cattle prod.  The one left standing winds!  (But that's just me.)

  • BUGGY (C)

    Thanks for the might like some of this I did ages ago..its a bit ropey..but sure was fun, I now need to do my 3rd album...

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks for the comments,as for the lyrics, you can't see them when you're playing, should have put the map on the top

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks again

  • Mike Trobaugh

    Thank you Bristol!

  • Jamie MacBlues

    Yep, getting by , Shaun. Lousy cold virus that took time to shift, as well as dealing with other health things. Ta for asking :)

  • Jamie MacBlues

    Yep, important to get rest n time to ourselves , Shaun.I thought it was that " Bloody Nora" virus ah had !
  • Derek Rose

    Thanks for accepting me, foul language and all! ;)

  • robin pakes

    Hi There - Thanks for the welcome.  Twerton is cool,  I used to live there. Real Bath with a proud community.  I now live up the hill in Odd Down where we get blown about by the wind.  Building my first Cigar Box Guitar out of parts I have around (I guess technically is an Engineering Gauge Box Guitar as that's what originally came in it). Trying to incorporate some industrial design features into it as a nod to this. Six strings because I have a nice bolt on neck that needs to be used. I'll post some pictures soon.  All the Best, Robin

  • T. Robert Johnson

    Thanks for the comment, Blue. James Burton also played dobro on the intro to Mama Tried.

  • Cold Hearted Man

    Cheers or the add mate!