Palm Harbor, FL

United States

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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
How many instruments have you built so far?
What do you find most interesting about cigar box guitars? (If you do not enter something meaningful here, your membership may be rejected).
Its a part of our past

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  • Tom Moore

    Thank you for the welcome Kool Dog.  I appreciate that.

    Tom Moore

  • 3 String Blues

    HI, do you live in the USA? 

    The shipping on eBay is 4 dollars....but if i sold them off site I could sell them for 6 even or 5 for 25 and free shipping as i would not have to deal with all the eBay posting and bills...i bought almost a 100  to get a good deal....and i have to sell about half to recoup some money as i dont that many....Just let me know my email is -  john@reddogguitars.com  -  i can make you a package, i am just trying to sell them at or near cost. I will post this here and on your page

  • 3 String Blues

    Hi,  the singing was my friend Roy Clark on track 19...I did do several tracks on a 4 string cigar box guitar.