Anthony adams


Duluth, MN

United States

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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?

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  • Better Trees

    Welcome to the nation!   Who's the friend that referred you?

  • Anthony adams

    I am grateful that my friend Dave Lynas has posted photo's of my work here on Cigar box nation. I'm still learning how to operate this computer. LOL

  • Jim Morris

    Hi Anthony, thanks for the friend request. I'll find my video showing the pop bottle head and send you a link  . 

    Ah, here it is.

  • Dave Lynas

    Hey Tony. I think you’ll find Bemusic easy by looking at the videos. She posts one often. I’ll check for one now. 

  • Dave Lynas

    Hi Tony. Here’s a link to Bemusic. It’s off YouTube.  

  • Dave Lynas

    Thanks TONY. FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP, Guitar discussions about our builds, daily coffee, weather reports, planning lumber trips and kicking back.

  • Richard Sundberg

    Hi Anthony, I think it was a comment on a video of mine that I liked! And if I remember, your a friend and neighbor of Dave Lynas. 

  • A.D.EKER

    Some hefty looking Potato chip can (BASS) is it? do you have a sound sample of it ?

  • Dave Lynas

    Hi Tony. You have Mike Orr’s address for fret boards. The necks come from eBay under cigar box parts, necks. Look for them there. I’ll be over tonight to see how it went. ... Dave

  • Uncle John

    Oh!  You are Dave's buddy, Tony.  I think I've heard your on videos and for sure like that potato chip bass and the crooked neck eagle head build. It's good to have you for a CBN friend.

  • Dave Lynas

    Hi Tony. The add is spread across the top of CBN banner at the very top. Touch it and wallah. You can scroll down to the sale jacks. Easy Beans Friend.