Tom Lanford

70, Male

Fort Worth, TX

United States

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  • CMcG

    Thanks for the comments Tom!
  • steve (Roots)

    Nice boxes Tom. Glad to have a fellow Texan come aboard. Steve (Roots)
  • Ruester

    Hey Tom, So you like mandy's also. Love your CBG's. Talk to you again and don't be a stranger.
  • Wes "I'm Baaaaack" Yates

    Tom, just learned from you forum post that you are in prepress. I did that here in the Carolinas for 13 years on mechanicals and Macs.

    What'ta world eh?


  • Wes "I'm Baaaaack" Yates

    Sorry to hear about the Chap11. Wow. Bummer. Also the pup I mentioned in the post to Kevin is not one that I would definitely recommend. Its ok, and complete with the knobs, wires and jack but it was cheap ($) and also cheap (-5 quality), so you can use it, its better than a piezo to me, but I wouldn't expect Fender quality ;-) The pots are not good either but they do work. I'll wind up replacing them sooner or later. If you have some better ones around, use them.

    Oh and thanks for the word on the headstock. I did a lot of work researching a good design and thought that was fitting of the box. Scarfed joint too. I love those. I've seen a lot of builders lately doing it lately and its really becoming more common. In fact, I'm reworking my Oliva box neck/headstock and think it will be much better.

  • Mortimer Snerd

    Nice Photos Tom, and nice work.
  • Doug Thorsvik


    Thanks for initiating a great thread. I'm really enjoying all the mini bios.

    I like the woodburning on your guitars; excellent detail. On your homemade amp did you just gut an existing amp or purchase separate components to build it?
  • joe cerroni

    Hey to thanks fer freindin me, nice work you have here, I love the wood burn details, and I bet that amp rocks! Peace bro, Joe
  • Wes "I'm Baaaaack" Yates

    "Thanks again for the comments Wes! I got the tubing at a local hobby shop that specializes in model plane building. It was only $3-$4 for a 3 foot piece as I recall. I only used 3-4 inches so far. Take care."

    Wonderful! Cheaper than buying pop rivets and using the sleeves. I have a couple of sources locally for these tubes. Thanks.
  • Michael Morris

    Have good friends there on the northside in Saginaw.
  • de lewellen

    Very cool guitars! I really like Ft. Worth. Lots of friendly people. De
  • Keni Lee Burgess

    I have started a CBN group entitled, "How to Play CBG" It is my hope and intention to encourage the "Wealth of Talent" here on the Nation to share their knowledge and skill to further the CBG movement. Please consider contributing an instructional "video" link to this group. If you are a viewer seeking instruction, please feel free to write. If you have any suggestions or know other players who you think may want to post instructional "video" links, please contact me. Thank you for your interest and support, Keni Lee
  • BT Cohosh

    Thanks for the poke. You've done some beautiful woodburning. I wish I could get that kind of detail, but I'm pretty ham-fisted.

    What's the exotic locale in the background of your ID pic? I've thought it would be cool to get a string going of people posting pics of playing in unusual/exotic places....

    See you around.
  • JUJU

    No worries Tom you made a fine job of that wood burning , i must try more of it myself i like the effect
    thanks for the comments on the PLANK sorry to say it will be gone tomorrow , Hollowbelly is coming to pick it up - he's playing a festival with it on the 20 sept and then The Birmingham CBG Fest we are having here in the UK oct 3rd so i'll be seeing and hearing it again lol!

    cheers bro keep well

  • BT Cohosh

    Ok. That's *really* funny. I thought your head looked weird in the picture, but I didn't want to say anything.
  • Doug Thorsvik


    Thanks for the feedback on the woodburning. You're work looks pretty impressive to me! I feel like I'm just doodling with the iron compared to what most woodburners seem to be into. It's fun and allow me to add a distinctive touch to my work.

  • Will Carter

    Hey Tom, Great pic of you doing the famous african pose. Checkout the Aussie group mate - We are growing stronger every day...
    Love the pyrography...I can't do it to save my life.
  • Starfish, darling

    I can recommend SteampunkSupply on Etsy for skeleton keys - I've done business with her before and she's a great supplier.

    Also, searching 'cigar box' in the vintage section came up with 128 boxes:

    And under supplies, the search yielded not only boxes, but closures and other hardware as well:
  • Wes "I'm Baaaaack" Yates Its an illustrator 10 with layers. I think I cut the ones on for you. You can see the rest. Its mostly wireframe like a CAD drawing and the neck is obviously one of my designs. I think you can get the neck off that First Act and just alter the neck route. Hey, if we collab, I have a router and really want to make this one myself. I would be interested in routing one out for ya. I'll send you my email so we don't have to thru CBN. -Wes
  • Diane in Chicago

    Tom, most excellent upright bass! I am sure it sounds great as well. Makes me want to fire up the ol' woodburner set!
  • Tres Seaver

    Tom, where are you in Fort Worth? My parents still live in the house I grew up in on the Southwest side.
  • Dianne Woods

    You are welcome, Tom.
  • Roosterman

    Absolutely! I just had to buy one to try it at that silly price, and I was quite happy with it. Im not sure I can hear the difference between a 'good' and a 'bad' pup anyways - jus tweak the amp and its all good :o) Saves a heap of time on soldering too hehe
  • Tres Seaver

    They live in Wedgewood, off the intersection of Old Granbury and Hulen.
  • Bluesheart

    Great stuff Tom, thanks.

    I have just got around to listening to your video on the Big Bottom electric as I have bought the same pup you are using and wondered what it sounded like. I am quite happy now it sounds good. Like the idea of a big CBG. and it sounds well both plugged and unplugged.
  • Julia Prusia

    I will do Tom... you too! Thanks for the welcome Good your voice!!! You could sing to me all day ;)
    Happy Harvest
  • Sounds of the Nation

    hey tom
    added nasty to the playlist.
    gotta bit of zappa quality to the vocal. i dig it.

  • Trevor (Babajack) steger

    Cheers to you Tom , listening to your sounds. some great music! some excellent guitars to. Ive nearly finished my first one !
    All good fun.
  • Wes "I'm Baaaaack" Yates

    Tom, Glad to see you're still around and doing well. Saw your latest pics. Nice man, real nice!

  • Tony Lazarski (

    Thanks, Great Music Too!!
  • bairfoot cajun

    thanks tom, you gots lots of cool builds that i get lots of inspiration from brother.great ideas you have on yer builds yep.
  • Julia Prusia

    Hey Tom

    Just thought I'd drop way to sy Hi.... it's be too long since I've been to the Nation. Lovin the music ...soon will be startingmaking cigar boxes into the prettiest jewerly boxs you ever saw and putting pout a couple of guitars.
    Happy New Years and many blessing
  • dg

    thanks for the add tom,
  • Rev. Nix

    Nasty friday on Sink Finger Radio !
  • Bluesheart

    Hey Tom, just wanted to let you know anytime I want to get someone interested in CBGs, I show them yours!! Thanks for the inspirations!
  • Dianne Woods

    Very nice builds, Tom. I love the woodburning. Great job and ideas. I noticed in some of your builds, you used zero frets. Did you use a fret wire one size bigger than the other frets?
  • Dianne Woods

    Tom, I am sorry I am mistaken about you using zero frets.
  • Tybee Guy

    Thanks Tom, its good to be back!

  • rodney fruits

    Thanks for the comments Tom.
  • Robert Hynden

    Thanks Tom, I love you homepage on here, especially the music. Very nice guitars, too! Bob H.
  • Keni Lee Burgess

    It is alright to post your submission on the disscussion page too if you like, but please send your photo and contact information to
    It is much easier for me to keep this project organized. Thank you for your contribution.
  • Steve

    Really like that rustic vibe in your work. I would love to have one of those works of art!
  • Mark Bliss

    Hey Tom, I was checking out the builds, nice work.

    I have always craved something with that vintage Tele "twang". How does your version sound, in comparo?

  • Roadkill a.k.a. John Maw

    Hi Tom. Thanks for the friend request. Some very nice instruments you have made. All the best. John
  • Uncle John

    Hi Tom,  Nice to have you for a nation friend.  I looked at your photos and vids and remembered commenting on your 'Brothers' photo.   Good vids, Nasty is very good.  Your big bottom 3 string bass interests me as I am working on a 30 inch scale 3 string bass.  I don't know much about basses....  Fun to see your back in the day photo and to see you now.


  • charles kimbler

    I am a real fan of your work.Love the fancy wood burning.Maybe one day I can sell a kidney or something and own one of your pieces of art.It would be great to have it on my fireplace with my others.Have a blessed day.