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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
By searching information concerning CBG with google

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  • the anonymous pick

    you are very  welcome .

     and welcome to  the site  ;-)


  • Clock The Wolf


  • bemuzic

    Hello, and thanks : -)


    Thanks for the support.Cheers.

  • Slowpaw Steve T

    cheers Nicholas!  i just might - you never know where CBG's will take you! (-;

  • darryl kernaghan

    more than happy to accept your friend req,nicolas,late in the evening here,i will catch up with you soon,regards,darryl

  • Randy S. Bretz     Here`s the facebook link to Joel Poupeau [ France cgb store ] I just sent him a batch of my bone-wood slides. Check with him if there`s any left, the shipping would be cheaper then here from the states. If he doesn`t have what your looking for get back in touch with me...I`ll make one up.

  • Uncle John

    Thanks, Nicolas.  I sure liked your video today.   I am glad to have you for a nation friend.

  • Uncle John

    Love your blog!