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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
Looking for lap guitar plans, came across web-page

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  • Al Williams

    Thank you for approving my membership, I will enjoy being here. When filling out the membership application, I thought it must have been mandatory to include my full name, but obviously not, preferred name is Al Williams. Musical instument preferences are; banjo, banjolele, acoustic guitar, electric steel guitar, not proficient at any of these but enjoy trying.  .

  • Terry Brennan

    Hey Al...Thanks for commenting back,and the URL. I finally decided to go with a fretless neck. I cut the frets with a plywood blade on my table saw and filled them with walnut strips for the blues scale frets and maple (same wood as the fretboard) for the rest of the frets. Seems like that should work. I used a fretting template from gitty that worked really slick. next up I'm gonna atempt a rod piazo bridge and learn how to solder. I am having fun. Hope all is well in queensland. -Terry

  • Paul Craig

    That's a very interesting build. I like it.