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  • Dave Lynas

    Hey Bill, I've been looking at your photos again. I love your lap steels and all your work in general. Your wild ameboid lap steel is one of my all time favorite builds seen on Nation. You are an inspiration to me. ... Dave

  • Ron "Oily" Sprague


    Glad to have you as a Nation friend. If I'd known you were such a big Townes fan, I'd have asked you to contribute. Hope you're enjoying the compilation- there's a bit of high, low and in between on it ;-).
  • Ron "Oily" Sprague

    Bill, glad you're enjoying the album. Was it Harold Eggers? He was Townes' road manager for the last 15 years or so of his life. If you can't figure out which song you like best, that's good;-). It was tough not to turn this into a vanity project; there's so many other songs that Vinyl, RTZ and I wanted to do, but we ultimately had to draw the line somewhere before everyone died of boredom waiting for me to wrap up the package.