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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
How many instruments have you built so far?
What do you find most interesting about cigar box guitars? (If you do not enter something meaningful here (at least one sentence long), your membership may be rejected as a spam/bot fake account).
What do I find interesting????
easier you ask what I don't find interesting :)
In any case, I find very astonishing the pics section

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  • Muddy Creek Guitars

    Welcome to your new addiction! We all have the addiction here! I hope I'm never cured! Lots of nice people here to help whether your a player or a builder.
  • Muddy Creek Guitars

    Thank you, Michele! There a lot of people here who build fancier guitars than me, but I like what I build and I enjoy doing it!

  • Uncle John

    I like your Fonseca guitar and videos.