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Fairview, TN

United States

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  • TN Twang

    Hey Frank,

    I'd seen your Fairview address on here, but didn't know if you were still keeping up with the "Nation" and building CBGs. 

    Glad to know there are a few "junkyard" luthiers in Williamson County. There are so many high-end custom builders to the stars hereabouts that it's particularly hard to get folks interested in making instruments from found objects and recycled trash.

    My tastes run to 3 strings, no frets, and sloppy woodworking. Mostly, I only create the stupid things to see if I can figure out how to play 'em. I've not been overwhelmed with success... (oh well.)

  • Uncle John

    Frank, I'm glad to have you for a CBB friend.  

  • TN Twang

    Hey back at ya', Frank.

    Over the past 2 years I've grown to like the open "power chord" tunings: DAd, Gdg, etc. If you're playing a lot of lead with occasional strums to fill in, this works well and the 2 highest strings work just like the 2 highest strings on a 6-string.

     However, for a banjo-like effect I still have my original instruments tuned F#-a-d and G#-b-e (using the top three strings from a 6 pack or else buying a set of dulcimer strings.) I use a flat pick to bounce around the strings one note at a time, but you can also finger pick--with or without picks stuck on your finger tips. This works well when somebody else is already playing rhythm guitar.

    I'll have to think about D-a-f#. That makes the strings awfully far apart. It's probably a lovely sound when you strum the open strings, but I don't know how flexible it would be. You might want to try a-d-f# using the top three strings of a really light set. You could play 2-string lead on the a and d strings and the high f# would give you some "brightness" when you strummed a chord.