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  • Gadsden Guitars

    Mr beStill, could you, would you post those videos on that site you were telling me about? I am experiencing techmalogical difficults....... tanks dude x(;+)
    Send me a link to it too peez.
  • Keni Lee Burgess

  • Jim Olean (JimO)

    I have been a fan of your work for some time now. Your sharing is clear and interesting. I have learned much from your posts.  I have a Q about your "Witch's Diddley".  I know I can buy bones on the net but I like the chicken bone and was wondering if you treated the bone before use.  I got some boners from the store and boiled the meat off then soaked them in bleach water overnight and now they are buried for the ants to pick clean. Am I overdoing it? Thanks JimO