Darryl Tuttle


Anoka, MN

United States

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How did you learn about Cigar Box Nation?
How many instruments have you built so far?
What do you find most interesting about cigar box guitars? (If you do not enter something meaningful here, your membership may be rejected).
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  • Jason Twite

    I don't know Ed, but I think he goes to my church.  A gal I play music with is a Hoffman and said she knows an Ed Hoffman who is tall and skinny. I think they are related.

  • John Magnifico

    Hi Darryl, My first friend also. I'm not sure what you mean. I will look tomorrow at my saw to see if I can figure out what you mean. :O)

  • jeff Cadzow

    hi Darryl

    just checked your page is that aluminum weapon solid or hollow?

  • SweetwaterMike

    Hi Darryl. Took me a while to figure out how to answer you. 64 degrees down here. Come on down the weather's fine

  • Janos BoogieMan CBGs

    Thank you Darryl!
  • Liam

    Cheers, I'll check it out

  • Richard Sundberg

    Thanks. Just replaced my Facebook photo with it. I was recommended to join CBN by a friend on FB and member here, Dennis Reedy. I'm a guitar player of about 40 years, doesn't mean I'm any good, just love to play when I can. Working on my second cd for kicks. Like the sound of these Cigar Box guitars. Nice to met you!
  • Bob Block

    Howdy back atcha from Nebraska! Have an Uncle lives near Thief River Falls there in Minnesota

  • Roger Schoepf

    Hi Darryl, thanks for the connection. 

  • Nelson Joseph

    Hey Darryl
    Thanks for the invitation to your help
    Will take you up on this in the near future.
  • Joseph Messina

    I have two in progress.  Will share pictures when they're finished.

  • Delvero

    Thanks for the friendship Darryl, Dalmation was best dog i ever had!

  • Javier GR

    Thank you, Darryl. I found the CBNation site while looking up how-to pages and tutorials. I'm planning on making a resonator when I have the time (which will hopefully be this Easter).



  • ronald leonhardt




  • Bill Hoffman

    Darryl, I was able to messenger Rob, and he responded with his e=mail address and phone number.  Thanks for responding to my request.

    I'm very new to cigar box guitars, trying to find the above average budders. I want to buy my first then try my hand a building them.

    Thanks,   Bill

  • Jim Saraceno

    Well, I just noticed your friend request. Yes I go to the club meetings at the 61 Roadhouse but only very infrequently. Does your son go there, and if so what's his name?

  • Chris

    Yeah it's pretty cool I've been looking for a couple of old plates myself.i know what you mean about getting side tracked I'm working on a few cbg atm in my spare time we cut 6 knecks and fret boards recently as well as picked up some cool boxes and things... oh man the addiction is setting in I think (hello my name is Chris and I'm a cbg
    addict) is horrible but fun at same time lol
  • Danny Perkins

    Thank you
  • Dogleg Steve

    Thank you !!

  • Donald R MacRae

    got to finish the first one ... then learn to play .. already looking at making a 4 string but after i can make the first one pass recognizable music and not afraid to play in the back yard.

  • Mark McCann

  • Jeff 'Bones' Reilly

    Cheers Darryl for the friend request .
  • Mike Crosno

    Thanks for the Friend request Darryl. Ive built a few, turned out to be pieces of junk.. then suddenly you string it up.. plug it in.. and its starting to play. I cant really play.. but that's the beauty of CBG's.. they don't care.. just play anyway!!!

  • Tom Schaefer

    Thanks Darryl.

    Still trying to learn to play them. But I'm already much better than I ever was on a six string. 

  • Mike Kinzie

      Thanks.,  Will be starting my first build as soon as all the hardware arrives.  Looking forward to building then learning to play.


  • Guto Jones

    Hi Darryl, already made a one stringer out of a cigar box and sledgehammer handle. I’ve also made a 3 stringer shovel guitar. I’ve started makeing a fretted 3 stringer Camacho cbg. Also got plans for a fretless cbg when my beef and sheep hill farm here in Wales allows me.

  • Tim Snyder


  • Ted Smith

    Thanks Darryl! The Camacho box was a yard sale find. This is build #22.
  • Shawn Doyle

    I swear I saw a question from you on the friend request, but I'll be damned if I can find it now.

  • Ward Shrake

    Hi back, Darryl. In reply to your comment that ...

    > "The resource tab on this site has a great ebook by
    > Josh gayou on building cbgs..very detailed"

    ... I'll say that I already downloaded that one ... and several others! I've been pretty busy buying up books on Amazon, and quietly checking stuff out in the "on paper" world. Am checking out online stuff, too ...

  • Downtown Vinnie

    Hey Darrly,thanks for friending me.Hmmm never heard it.Most of the loop jams are off the top of my bald head.Who knows where I absorbed that one???

  • Michael Crumpton

    Thank you so much, Darryl! 

  • Fred Chapman

    Thanks for the welcome, Darryl. Much appreciated!

  • Fred Chapman

    And I'd like to add that I totally agree with what your profile says about CBGs being portable, cheap to build, and creative. You can take 'em anywhere, and they cost so little to build that you can try out all kinds of different designs!

  • Joel 'Tank Tuba' Lamb

    Hey, I've never heard of Etta Baker until today. I've been listening to her a lot today. She is really great. Thanks for the new to me music.
  • Big Steve CBG

    Thanks for the invite Darryl

  • Michael Fred Johnson

    Thanks Darryl,your comment is greatly appreciated

  • Dave Dean

    Thanks for the add. I've already started on number 2 (and 3)!

  • Steebos Kalist

    Thanks. No, I've never gone to a meeting there. I did stop by the CBG festival there last year. I might have to go check it out sometime.

  • Lou Ellis

    Thanks for the invitation, Darryl. I like the bone nuts. I buy the blanks from CB Gitty. I would make my own from dog bones, but I don't have the power tools for the job. I guess a hack saw would work?

  • Ben Ridgeway

    Greetings from Missouri!

    Thank you sir , fun build

  • Elmer Haines

    Thanks for the add. Living in Emporium, PA.

  • Graham Hooker

    Thanks for the help offer..I will probably ask questions as I go. I am looking forward to the first build a little later this year. 


  • Kevin Dingwall

    Thanks Darryl!

  • John Lotspeich

    Thanks for the welcome and accepting me to the Nation.  I am currently building a special tele style guitar, but once that is finished, I have been collecting parts for my next cigar box guitar.  I used a fender neck on my last build, but think I will try my hand at a home made neck on the next one.  Stretching my wings you might say.

  • Joseph Ribble

    Hi Darryl

    i am absolute beginner, so I just completed 1st build that was a kit by C.B. Gitty. I hope to try the next one on my own. I have a comacho cigar box to use, still planning it out.

  • Alan Humphries

    Hi there Daryll I have posted the pic of the only one I have left, will post pictures of the next build. Hope you are all keeping well and safe and keep strumming 3 stringers 

  • Alan Humphries

    Thanks for your comments Darryl, will post more pics when I finish more of my builds, I love the pics of the cbgs on here, I've got lots to learn. 

  • Ben Houghton

    Sorry it's taken me 3 years to accept your invite. I've not been making guitars since the Grommit Git and have only just cleared out my workshop to the poiint where I can actually work in it ;-) Discovered a heap of unfinished necks and got the bug again :)