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  • Wes "I'm Baaaaack" Yates

    Welcome aboard, Valley Boys! You will find lots of helpful folks and information here on all things CBG (CBU, CBB, etc.) Feel free to poke around, ask questions, and post your stuff (photos, recordings, videos, etc.).

    Up in the Free Resources menu at the top, you will see a number of plans for building and playing cigar box guitars/ukuleles/banjos/dulcimers/violins. I encourage you to download any of the plans, take a look at them, and ask questions from there. Also our site is VERY searchable. I bet you your questions have already been asked, so take a few moments and look around.

    Join our Chat sometime (see the bar at the bottom of your browser page). Keep in mind that tho the chat window says there are X number of people online, not all may have the chat window up.

    Most of all, have fun!

  • Doug Thorsvik

    I really like your bridge design; very innovative. Thanks for sharing the picture with us. I see how you would adjust the intonation, but it's not obvious to me how the brass screws let you raise and lower the action. I would really appreciate some extra explanation about that part, how it's built and how it works.
  • Doug Thorsvik

    Thanks for the extra explanation on raising the action, on the bridge. I understand it now. Very creative. I have been trying to figure out how to make an adjustable bridge with off the shelf hardware and this looks very doable. Doug